Hello campers!

Hmmm, Ruth Madoc has a lot to answer for…..oops showing my age now…..

Please feel free to add comments and suggestions on this my first blog attempt. I am sure it will get more interesting eventually…..


About Saddlebags and Backpacks - a brewer's outdoor adventures

I am a keen hiker, camper, cyclist and general all round gear addict..... I also manage to be a professional brewer in my non-spare time :->
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7 Responses to Hello campers!

  1. backpackbrewer says:

    Well hello there. This is a new experience for me having not faffed about with blogs before. Until I can work out how to add pictures and interesting things to say I am sure that this site will appear dull for a bit :->

    Just a quick note to say that I would like to be able to post a few thoughts on hiking, camping, gear, other outdoor pursuits and well anything that seems interesting at the time.


  2. backpackbrewer says:

    thanks John,

    I hope you dont mind but I have now added your blog to my blog roll……..

    that sleeping bag you are testing looks a real departure from the norm. Does it rustle???? ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. john hee says:

    just a bit ……….so far

    And thanks for the link

  4. backpackbrewer says:

    no worries John…look forward to reading the full review


  5. baz carter says:

    Well Mr BB you’re now in the Bloggersphere…

    I’ve added your blog to my blog roll.


  6. backpackbrewer says:

    thanks Baz! I shall reciprocate and add you to my blog roll


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