The pondering of kitlists


I find myself wrestling and internalising over that most important of subjects…..a kit list for an up and coming trip. I always seem to make a decent kit list for the trips I go on, but then a few days before I go check the weather, change the list, think a bit more, tinker some more. Before I know it, its the evening or even sometimes the morning of the trip and I havent really decided what i am going to take. I then revert to my tried and trusted method. I just bung loads of kit in the boot of the car including several tents, sleeping bags and rucksacks and decide when I get there.

This is fine…ish if you are on your own and dont mind faffing when you get to your destination, but I get a bit self conscious if there are others around me. I guess that I have to recognise that I just have too much damn kit! If I only had a handful of things I wouldnt have the conundrum that faces me every time I venture out into the hills. Oh, that and actually being able to find what you want in many large boxes crammed full of kit… Well I think that the kit thinning exercise must gather pace. I need to get rid of stuff bought in haste and not used (loads), some used once or twice and not suitable for me (quite a bit…I am fussy) and some bits that I have, er, outgrown (one or two items).

My task for today is to nail the kit list for my Cairngorms trip in October. Hmm, October? What could the weather be like in Scotland in October at over 4000feet. Could be a long day.


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7 Responses to The pondering of kitlists

  1. Martin Rye says:

    I did a write up on my last Cairngorms walk in October a few years back. Been there lots and love it. Camp low in bad weather and you’ll be fine. Mark the bothy’s on the map and if bad go there.

  2. backpackbrewer says:

    thanks Martin…I think we intend to Bothy it at least one night and as you say if the weather gets really bad, keep to the low stuff


  3. Shamus says:


    Dont be faffing now…. same gear as most of your other trips. Tent not a tarp / 400 bag / 50 L sac / full waterproof guff / decent stove (not a bloomin’ whitebox) / primaloft extra layer + additional something or other / good mat, either your downmat or a thermarest.

    You know what else you need, and I know that you have it……

    Oh and dont bother with a map and compass, you know the guys will get about 500m from the car park and want to have a fag and then pitch their tents…. ;-)))))

  4. Shamus says:

    Oh and BTW

    That Avatar picture of you looks awful, I have a few snaps of you on Kirk Fell – I’ll send you one.


  5. backpackbrewer says:

    er….cheers Shamus……..I think….. :-\

    yes, it will probably be the LC, the Jam2, the pocket rocket, the exped mat, the golite quilt bag and a light down jacket. I may even take the Velez if I think the weather looks bad

    Ed, Mike and I are taking matching down booties…..


  6. Shamus says:

    ‘Ed, Mike and I are taking matching down booties…..’

    That figures.


  7. backpackbrewer says:

    yes it does….

    Looking forward to it now as its only 2 weeks away. Even Ian is coming up from Taunton for this jaunt. I am picking him up from Burton station and we are sharing the rest of the journey in my car

    I have been strict with my packing. Have done a dummy run and the Golite Jam is still pretty full and I havent put food in it yet…….


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