The Cairngorms Trip……..not (sigh)

Well it is nearly a month since I last had an entry into this blog. The last time I wrote I was looking at what kit to take to the Cairngorms for a 4 day trip in the 1st week of October. It was great. There was lots of wind. It was very wild. There was even snow! Unfortunately I wasnt there…… I was at home nursing a burst eardrum caused by an throat/ear infection. Lucky me…..

At least a few of my erstwhile walking companions managed to get there and partake of the great outdoors. Me? I am plotting and scheming to see when I can rearrange the trip and any others between now and Christmas. Work just got silly and I am currently doing 2 jobs…mine and my boss’s. I think they call it a “development opportunity” …ie extra responsibility, longer hours and no more money…..

On the positive side I have been reducing the kit mountain I ashamedly possess and generating cash not only for the Kids Christmas presents but also for a new camera pour moi. I am currently looking at a high end compact for backpacking with. I dont want to get a DSLR, so a good compact it shall be. Under advisement from others I am looking at three in particular:

the Panasonic Lumix LX2,

the Ricoh GRD2

 and the Ricoh GX200

I have spoken to owners of all the above and they all have their merits and niggles. I am not looking for a super dooper DSLR so I accept that a compact, even a high end one, will have limitations. I am just looking for one that I can put into the rucksack easily, will take really nice landscapes and is flexible enough to be able to develop my skills…..

Anyway, I am off now to surf the web looking at photo gear…..makes a change from hiking kit.


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5 Responses to The Cairngorms Trip……..not (sigh)

  1. Vorlich says:

    OK. I know you’ve said you don’t want an SLR, but I just thought I’d draw you attention to the new Olympus 400 series, Four-Thirds based SLRs.

    I read a recent review in Outdoor Photography [last month?] which highlighted how compact this system was, both body and lens, in part due to the focal length multiplier of 2, rather than the usual 1.5/1.6.

    Maybe it would provide a bit more flexibility for you.

  2. backpackbrewer says:

    thanks for the info and link……more to ponder.

    The E420 is pretty light and compact for an SLR. Its comparable pricewise (a little more expensive but not much). I will do a bit more research I think….. 🙂

  3. baz carter says:

    I currently use a Fuji finepix which is OK but a better snapper with better quality snaps that’s also lightweight is where I’m thinking of going.

  4. Martin Rye says:

    All in all it comes down to the point you made …”I am just looking for one that I can put into the rucksack easily, will take really nice landscapes and is flexible enough to be able to develop my skill”

    I use a Nixon D40x and it does all your points above. Just a thought. Sorry you missed out on the Cairngorms.

  5. backpackbrewer says:

    thanks for the recommendation Martin, much appreciated. I have, however, just bought a camera after a week of pondering and surmising……. 🙂

    all will be revealed shortly………

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