And the weather for the weekend is…….

Off to the Breacon Beacons for the weekend today and as usual, apart from the normal gear musings, an in-depth look at the weather. For once, the BBC, the met office and met check all seem to be aligned in their forecasts. Looks like a wet Friday, brightening up for the late afternoon followed by a clear night and a pretty reasonable Saturday. Hold on to your waders though as Saturday night and early Sunday look wet but the rest of the day brightens up again

Well, we are probably only doing a short walk and low level camping today so no worries there. Saturday is a nice long walk in the central area with the possibility of a wildcamp. Sunday is a shortish walk and then home. So far 5 of us have confirmed with the possibility of 1 or 2 others. To be brutally honest, it wouldnt bother me if no-one turned up but me.


Hmmmmmmm, on second thoughts the weather forecast is really really atrocious and it really isnt worth anyone travelling down to the Beacons this weekend at all. No, really, dont worry about it at all, we’ll do it another weekend sometime…….me? Oh I’ll bimble about here and there trying to contain my disappointment……..


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4 Responses to And the weather for the weekend is…….

  1. Marcus says:

    That’s exactly where I’m going this weekend too. Weather is better than it has been and that’s all I needed to know!

    We’re just grabbing a quick one nighter on Saturday and it looks like we’ll be heading over to the Black Mountains way. One night wild camp and two days walking (with some pub stops along the way) should be just what the doctor ordered.

    Have a good one and look forward to comparing reports.

  2. Old Winter says:

    My Breacon Beacons trip is planned for end of Sept, if the weather gods at least half comply. Right now I am having to make do with the flatness of The Essex Way so am envious of anyone even looking at a hill.

  3. backpackbrewer says:

    just got back Marcus and hope you had as good a weekend as me although today’s weather was poor!

  4. backpackbrewer says:

    Hi Old Winter

    I am sure the weather gods will be fine. i will post some piccies of the meet I have just come back from in the next few days

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