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Paramo Cambia – A Review

At the prompting of Hendrik I am reviewing one of my older bits of kit, the Paramo Cambia long sleeved top. I bought the Cambia about 3 years ago after having experimented with several other baselayer tops. I have tried … Continue reading

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St Ives – a family camping trip in the planning

This time next week (well probably around lunchtime), I will be cursing and swearing at my tent as I attempt to put it up for a week’s family camping holiday. The reason for the cursing and swearing will be several … Continue reading

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Opinel Knife – A Review

Knives are a bit of a taboo subject these days and I do wonder if others, like me, have an uneasiness whenever I carry one in my rucksack. However, I still believe there is a place in my rucksack for … Continue reading

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Another bit of interesting news….Remodelling of the Golite Shangri-La 3!

Having visited Northern Walkers blog to check out his latest purchase, he informed me that there was the possibility of a new version of the Golite Shangri-La 3 coming out next year. Intrigued, I contacted Golite directly and they confirmed … Continue reading

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Mammut Ajungilak Pillow – A review….

Well, it was obvious that after mentioning the Ajungilak pillow in my review of the Luxury Lite pillow, I would eventually get round to doing a piece on it. I bought the Ajungilak Pillow some 3 years ago when I … Continue reading

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LuxuryLite Pillow – A Review

This is something I picked up last year and I have used it quite extensively since. Its produced by a little known American company based in Texas called Luxurylite . I have bought a few other things from them and … Continue reading

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