A quick rant on trouser leg lengths

Ok, I have to admit it, I am undertall. This is fine and I have so far coped with this situation since I was knee high to a grasshopper. However, what really galls me and gets my goat is that I havent been able to find any walking trousers that fit me well. I mean I can get the waist size fine, but the inside leg? Forget it! I am a 29inside leg and basically I have found that Montane do this size and Craghoppers do this size. Since the Montane trousers scratch my inner thighs and nether regions raw (why do they put very proud and scratchy hems all the way up your inside leg???), I am left with wearing Craghoppers outside of the winter months. In the winter I can get away with wearing Rab VRs because they are “floppy” troos with elasticated hems but really they are too long for me as well.

I had a laugh the other day. I saw that Haglofs do some of their walking trousers in a short leg. Ah ha says I! I then look up the sizing info and apparently short leg Haglofs means 31inches!!!!!!! Blummin lanky Scandinavians. I dont really want to spend £60+ on a pair of trousers only to have to do some sewing. Surely to god there must be another outdoor clothing manufacturer who does 29inch inside leg with a 32inch waist??!!!!


Rant over


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4 Responses to A quick rant on trouser leg lengths

  1. GeoffC says:

    The only place I’ve seen 32″ waist and 29″ inside leg is Marks & Spencers trousers, which isn’t much use!.

    Haglofs sizing in tops is interesting too: I have a Haglofs Powerstretch top in size ‘small’ and the sleeves come down at least 4″ past the ends of my outstretched fingertips, and the hem is below my bum.

    Ahem, I wear Tracksters and don’t worry about trouser fit…

  2. backpackbrewer says:

    Yes Geoff,

    I have a few pairs of Ron Hill’s too 😉

    If small Haglofs are huge on you they will be massive on me. I guess I will have to stick with Craghoppers for now. They fit well enough….might be tempted to try a pair of their lined trousers

  3. Hendrik M says:

    You could try Lundhags, they also make their pants (I recommend the Traverse pants!) also in short leg and long leg. They have a sizing chart on their website, check it out. Great quality as well!

  4. backpackbrewer says:

    thanks for the tip Hendrik, I’ll check out their website for the sizing. Much as I hate to admit it, at around £20 a pair, the Craghopper trousers are very hard to ignore!


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