Another bit of interesting news….Remodelling of the Golite Shangri-La 3!

Having visited Northern Walkers blog to check out his latest purchase, he informed me that there was the possibility of a new version of the Golite Shangri-La 3 coming out next year. Intrigued, I contacted Golite directly and they confirmed it.

Apparently they are looking to release a lighter version of the SL3 in the spring. It will apparently weigh in at approximately just over 1kilo (inc pole and pegs) and have a larger vent. Also the current full inner will be lightened to around 800g. Unless my maths stink this represents around 500g saving on the full fat set up bring it in at around 1.8kg complete. Although by no means ultralight, this is a significant weight reduction for a popular 4 season tent (palace). Most of the weight saving will be through using lighter but stronger materials but what they will be was not revealed to me.

Most interesting


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16 Responses to Another bit of interesting news….Remodelling of the Golite Shangri-La 3!

  1. Martin Rye says:

    A MLD Duomid is still around half the weight. More guy points as well!. What more can I say.

  2. backpackbrewer says:

    fair point! And the Duo has had good press from those that have bought it recently. I have some MLD gear and it is top notch

  3. Martin Rye says:

    To be honest Dave I have had some kit on order for a few weeks with them. Hopefully it will be delivered soon.

  4. backpackbrewer says:

    and this kit is……….?


  5. Martin Rye says:

    Stunning and all will be revealed :).

  6. backpackbrewer says:

    damn you man!


  7. backpackingbongos says:

    Martin does that mean that you will no longer need the Scarp1? I can happily recycle old gear………………….

  8. backpackbrewer says:


    I am intrigued and of course Martin is being mysterious and not giving anything away….

  9. Martin Rye says:

    The Scarp is essential. I just changed the guy-lines on it tonight for a overnight trip next week. I will reveal (or have I in other comments) all soon πŸ™‚

  10. backpackbrewer says:

    harrumpf! Spoilsport! πŸ˜‰

    seriously, what guylines have you put on it now? Dyneema lineloks?

  11. Martin Rye says:

    I had used a light guy-line but it slipped on the linloks that attach to the tent. Andy Howell found that out on his new shelter. I got some overkill 3mm guy-line from team IO which is overkill and fixed the problem. That and some other stuff for future projects.

  12. backpackbrewer says:

    I always get my guylines from Team Io, really great in my opinion and I have used these on my tarps and to beef up my LC.
    Just an aside, are Team Io still going to do that “Orks Revenge” pyramid tent?

  13. Martin Rye says:

    “β€œOrks Revenge” ” ????????????????????????????

  14. Martin Rye says:

    They should make them. Looks interesting.

  15. backpackbrewer says:

    yeah and Morph at Team Io has been threatening to make one for 2 years now…! He evades my gentle probing on the subject! A titanium extendable pole at 125g looks a good option as well as the tent itself

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