Views from a hill

Just a quick post showing some of the views from Gray Hill (Gray’s Hill according to some), which is my local hill on which I have spent innumerable days as a child and an adult. Its only 900feet at its highest point but it nestles beside Wentwood Forest and Wentwood Reservoir. Views from here on a good day are fantastic, taking in both Severn Bridges, the Severn Estuary and vast swathes of rolling hillsides and fields to the North. Its also another great little bivvy spot I have been known to frequent

The view towards The Second Severn Crossing

The view towards The Second Severn Crossing

I am very lucky in that this hill and the surrounding area including the reservoir and forest is but 3 miles walk from my house. Ok, so the area is not spectacular in terms of towering peaks etc but it is beautiful and even now I will go there for a short walk or even a run if I am feeling energetic. Even the kids like it.

The view to the West taking in  the Reservoir, Mynydd Alltir-fach and Wentwood

The view to the West taking in the Reservoir, Mynydd Alltir-fach and Wentwood

I didnt quite fully appreciate what was on my doorstep until I moved away to Burton for 18months but now that I am back home, its like finding treasure.


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4 Responses to Views from a hill

  1. backpackingbongos says:

    Nice spot to have close to home. I too have a nice little wooded hill less than a mile from my house. The only thing is that it is a mine field of dog poo and the odd burnt out car. You would also have to be pretty brave to go after dark! But a nature reserve in inner city Nottingham can only be a good thing. Great view over Trent valley on a clear day (but dominated by a massive power station!).

    • backpackbrewer says:

      I have lived for short periods in some big towns and cities from time to time and it does strike you how different they are to living out in the sticks. I guess I have just been spoilt with where I have spent the majority of my time growing up here is South Wales. And yet, I still crave yet more outdoor adventures….

  2. Marcus says:

    Looks good to me. I live in Coventry so features like that are non existent. Closest things to me is the Long Mynd or the Malverns and if I’m going that far I may as well do the Peak District! I know, I know….boohoo!

    • backpackbrewer says:

      not at all Marcus. I lived and went to college for 3 years in Coventry. My last year was spent living in Vine Street by Hillfields……!

      Rural Warwickshire is quite nice but not exactly wild so know what you mean re going a distance to find somewhere to do decent walking and all.

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