A Hard Winter?

Even here in South Wales, this winter has been the hardest I can remember and its only the 1st week of January. Its been cold and snowy for what seems like an age. Last night we had the biggest single snowfall I can recall since the early 1990’s and the forecast for next week is very cold with further possible snow.

On the downside, getting to work has been a pain, especially scraping the ice from the inside of the car in the morning. On the plus side, we have had more than a few cold, bright days that are excellent for walking. I have had a couple of chances to get out but not for any overnighters unfortunately. I am hoping to rectify that in the next week or two but we shall see. Further in the future, I have a weekend in the Lake District to look forward to at Black Sail YH

Until then I will take the rough with the smooth and see how this atypical winter pans out. After all its much better than rain…


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13 Responses to A Hard Winter?

  1. PhilT says:

    I’m loving it! Admittedly Glasgow hasn’t been as badly hit as the north and east, but my commute along the west of the M8 was the quickest it’s ever been recently! Guess people are just staying at home?

    The mountains are also looking beautiful, though there are avalance warnings all round, even in the Lakes, so lets hope people don’t get too excited and ignore the warning signs (assuming they know what they are…)

    It’s easier for me to get down to Cumbria at the moment, so I’m intending on spending most weekends there, interspersing hostels with wildcamps. Maybe see you there someday!

  2. backpackbrewer says:

    Hi Phil.

    Its one of those peverse situations where the mountains are at their best and you want to test yourself on them but getting to them is a real challenge!

    The Beacons are definitely the easiest for me to get to but I get a hankering to get to the Lakes every now and again. I am kind of hoping that there will still be some snow when I get there in Feb for my weekend away

  3. Martin Rye says:

    Most weekends Phil. You’re making us depressed. Dave it must be magic. Get out on those winter hills and enjoy them in the white stuff. Phil have fun in the winter.

  4. Marcus says:

    Hi dave,

    when you heading up to black sail? Was thinking of a night there soon myself. Me and Paul are off up next week to the lakes so fingers crossed we can get there!

    • backpackbrewer says:

      I am going up as part of a large group (from outdoorsmagic website) the last weekend of February. It should be a hoot as there are currently about 20 people going so far!

  5. Hendrik M says:

    For your car, an automatic inside heater which goes on about 30 minutes before you need to leave to work, should make the ice scratching easier if not unnecessary. Common here in the north, no idea how easy to get in Wales. I do hope you have winter tires, makes driving much more safe.

    Generally I am surprised by all the news, the general tenor from Central Europe & UK seems to be “Awesome, snow & cold!” though it seems that it also creates some problems as people aren’t used to winter anymore. Quite a sad thing, really. I reckon that for many kids its probably the first time they experience real snow at home!

    Anyhow. I hope that once you get out that there will be some snow left for you to play with =)

    • backpackbrewer says:

      oh we had a play yesterday and took the kids toboganing down a local hill and built an igloo from snow blocks. Great fun! 🙂

  6. Nigel says:

    Hi Dave, happy (belated) new year! Bet the Brecons look great today! We spent new year in Snowdonia – definite ice-axe and crampons time – it was fantastic but no clear blue skies like today. I’d guess that the high-ground should hold its snow for a while – so snow in Feb shouldn’t be too far out of the question.

    • backpackbrewer says:

      funnily enough I was out and about in it yesterday but only in the rolling hills around where I live. I used the crampons and ice axe and felt quite smug 😀

  7. Superb! It seems like everywhere in the northern hemisphere is getting great snow this winter, glad to hear the UK is no exception. Even better to hear that you’re getting out and taking advantage of it.

    We’re getting some great snowfall across the northern Japan Alps, and bluebird skies across the southern end. And there’s a 3-day weekend looming…. 🙂

    • backpackbrewer says:

      Hi Chris,

      there is yet more snow forecast for the UK in the next week and no let up on the temperatures either. I just wish I lived a teeny bit closer to the mountains now…….

  8. Constantin says:

    I simply love winter even when it’s hard! 🙂
    Frost and heaps of snow? Bring it on!!

    You’re true about the clear winter days – those I love the most. The atmosphere is so clean that you can see so far from a mountain top.

    And of course there’s the joy of warming near the fire when it’s minus 15 outside, and the hot soup…

    I already miss winter.

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