Coffee whilst camping – how do you do yours?

I am sure this has been done to death elsewhere but I felt its one of those little yet crucial ingredients for a great camping trip – how to do good coffee?

If you are like me and live for coffee, taking a small jar of good quality, but nontheless, “instant” type coffee is a bit of a let down even though keeping weight and bulk down on a trip is important. For me its one of life’s absolute pleasures and really brings to life a great wildcamp experience, if done right. I have tried expensive freeze dried coffee but it doesnt do it for me. I have tried taking a mini-bodum but the threat of breakage, bulk and weight put me off. I suppose I could take just the filter element but so far the best solution has been to use “fresh coffee” filter bags very much in the same mould as tea bags.

I was introduced to coffee bags by a fellow camper last year and ever since I have been using them religiously when on trips whether basecamping or wildcamping. The coffee bags I use are made by Lyons

I am sure there are probably better ones out there but I am very happy with them so far. They come individually foil wrapped, there are three “flavours” (standard, rich and decaf) and they only cost about £2 for 18. Are they as good as a caffetiere? Not really but they are much better than freeze dried and very very convenient.

Coffee and camping, a perfect combination

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I am a keen hiker, camper, cyclist and general all round gear addict..... I also manage to be a professional brewer in my non-spare time :->
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18 Responses to Coffee whilst camping – how do you do yours?

  1. blogpackinglight says:

    I only have tea. I loathe coffee :o)

  2. R MacE says:

    I’d like to say I use something exotic but to be honest instant coffee/sugar/powered milk it is for me, I guess it’s slightly more exotic than the vending m/c rubbish at work


    I tried the Lyons coffee bags, (smells great) I’d now take a couple per day rat pack. (if I ever manage to get out again)

    • backpackbrewer says:

      If you want real punishment, try the tea that comes out of a vending machine……gack!

      And the coffee bags do smell divine. 🙂

  3. -maria- says:

    Tea for me, please! Never drink coffee, although I may pour some over my vanilla ice-cream (my other half drinks coffee) – not on trail, though 😉

    I have to find out whether they sell coffee bags here in Finland – that could be something for my husband.

  4. Simon says:

    I love a freshly brewed espresso on a Sunday morning. I also love croissants. But in the same way I can’t have croissant and I eat dehydrated food on the hills I also forgo espresso and drink tea or kenco all-in-one coffee-sugar-milk powdered sachets … well I don’t drink the sachets obviously! Are they good? Well put it this way, I never drink them at home, but let’s face it even wayfarer bacon and beans can taste good on the hills!

    • backpackbrewer says:

      good point Simon, we all make do on the hills….

      Still, a really good cup of coffee in the morning is better for me than a hot meal. I sometimes take freezedried but I will be thinking of ground coffee as I do…… 😦

  5. David A says:

    Buy a MSR Mugmate (portable, lightweight filter) and carry tea leaves and ground coffee with you … perfic’!

  6. backpackbrewer says:

    Hi David,

    good shout on the mugmate….quite tempted to get one. 🙂

  7. Mole says:

    If you take a mug and a pan, take a plastic Tea Strainer – real coffee made like tea leaf tea isn’t anywhere near as bad as instant… Just make sure you have Nido if you want it with Milk – Marvel etc just isn’t the same

    Bodum do an Individual polycarb cafetiere/press too Dave – I got one in TK maxx a few years back – not UL though!

    • backpackbrewer says:

      cheers for that Mole,

      worth keeping an eye out for something like that in TK Maxx or similar I guess.

      Perhaps I am too lazy and just want the instant coffee “hit” by using the bag approach 😀

  8. Lori says:

    I like the coffee bags. I HAVE to have my morning coffee. I tried just taking tea bags but it just does not have the kick that coffee has.

  9. R MacE says:

    I found some packs of Starbucks one shot coffee in Tesco, I’ve tried 2 types, Italian Roast and Colombia and prefer the Italian Roast. I think it’s a bit fuller flavoured than the Lyons coffee bags but expensive at £2/7 sachets. It’s spoiled me now as my usual cheap instant tastes pretty poor by comparison.

  10. backpackbrewer says:

    Thats the trouble Mac,

    as you find better quality coffee for the trail, so the instant option loses its appeal. But its not cheap. Having said that, the buzz of a really decent cup of coffee in the morning, especially when out and about, is worth it! 🙂

  11. Steve W says:

    It’s not a proper day without decent coffee. Out in the wilds I do it the Polish way – just pour some hot water into a cup with the coffee in the bottom, give it a stir and let it settle. As long as you don’t drink right to the last drop, it’s fine. If you do, just remember to sip it between closed teeth and be prepared to spit – reading what I’ve just put, I can so tell I wild camp on my own. 😉

  12. backpackbrewer says:

    Another good suggestion, but being the dimwit I am , I would forget and chug the whole lot down! 😀

    We all do solo time…..its when we can be ourselves 🙂

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