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Pegs part 2……

Just before I dash out for my bimble+overnighter this afternoon, I think I have a method of assessing the staying power of my pegs. I have gotten hold of a “fishermans hook” type balance that will measure weight up to 40kg. … Continue reading

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Friday is my favourite day

So, here it is. Friday again. Another week over, another weekend about to begin. For me there is something about Fridays and Friday nights in particular that remind me of Christmas Eve. In many ways the anticipation is better than … Continue reading

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Pegs – what’s holding you down?

Glamourous, sexy, interesting, cool…….these things pegs are not. However, they do hold your pride and joy (aka a tent or tarp in most instances) anchored to the ground. Without them life would be interesting in all but the slightest puff of … Continue reading

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Normal Service is resumed…….

Two things. 1. I feel much more up to blogging again recently. Having reviewed 2010 so far, I was mildly disappointed to note that my posting on this blog was erratic to say the least. I now feel much more … Continue reading

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The Rhinogs in July – a rather wet weekend in North Wales

I mentioned somewhile ago that I managed to get out for a full weekend in North Wales back in July. This is the belated mini-write up of that trip including pictures! I had arranged to meet up with a small … Continue reading

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To bivvy or not to bivvy – that is the question

I have been racking my brains over the past few months as to a suitable set up for the winter that involves a bivvy with or without a tarp. Ok, slightly mad I’ll admit, but I am sure it can … Continue reading

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