Pacific Outdoor Elite Peak AC 2/3 mat

Seems like this is becoming a very popular mat. I am the latest in line of a number of people, and especially outdoor bloggers, who have purchased the Pacific Outdoor Elite Peak mat. The main difference here is that I have plumped for the 2/3 mat instead of the regular sized one. The reason for this is that I wanted as light an inflatable mat for the summer as possible whilst still giving a reasonable r-value and being reasonably priced (nearly half the price of a Neoair!). Having checked out other people’s thoughts on the mat, I was convinced that the Elite mat was a very good option and the 2/3 version even more so. I have used shorter mats before and have either put my rucksack under my legs or just taken a small piece of thin foam for a booster.



The mat is advertised as being 305g but upon receiving mine I measured it to be 284 g including the stuff sack and repair kit. This weight was taken directly from the Pacific Outdoor website. Just the mat on its own, I made the weight to be around 254g. Of course it is always possible that my scales are wrong but regardless of this, even at around 300g if you take the stated weight, the mat is impressive.However, I got my mat from Ultralightweightoutdoorgear and they state the weight of the mat only to be 244g. I am sure I have read somewhere that that particular website weighs the stuff they sell regardless of the stated weights….. Anyway, clearly some variation.


It also packs down really small and was easily stowed in my rucksack. The stated pack size is 10 x 30.5cm but again I made it slightly different at 8 x 31cm. For my weekend trip, I was using the OM Classic 32L rucksack and so space was at a premium hence the chance to test the Peak AC 2/3 mat. The small and very compact size of the rolled mat enabled it to disappear easily into my pack and so had passed the 1st test.



The mat is very quick to inflate although I found the valve closure to be slightly small and fiddly meaning that I had to try several times to get a firm inflation on the mat. Never the less, once inflated the mat feels and looks like quality. The aluminised surface does actually feel warm to the touch and although it seems smooth to the touch there appears to be enough grip on it to stop me slip sliding away in the middle of the night!



Anyway, as to actual use in anger, I had chance to sleep on the mat this weekend. The weather conditions werent very cold being around 5 or 6 degrees Celcius on the night of use but cool enough that poor performance would be apparent. The mat was used inside a bivvy bag with a golite ultra 20 quilt over the top. At once the mat felt comfy and secure and warm and so passed the 2nd test. Of course performance is personal and subjective but I am happy to report that I had a very good night on the mat and feel that the Peak AC should be able to cope with conditions in spring and autumn for certain. Winter might be pushing it without a thicker sleeping bag or a full length foam mat underneath. Time will tell.




Its only been used once so far but the signs are good and I can see myself using a lot of the mat during the year. Its lightness, pack size, R rating and price combine to give an excellent all round package. I can honestly say I am quite impressed and cant wait to take it out again soon.


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8 Responses to Pacific Outdoor Elite Peak AC 2/3 mat

  1. R MacE says:

    Looks good although unfortunately I haven’t had much luck in the past with airmats. I notice that the outer baffles are a bit bigger than the rest, that might solve my problem as I felt I was always about to fall off my Ether Thermo 6.

    The packed size and weight are good but don’t you find it strange with your legs hanging off the end or isn’t it noticable? just wondering.

  2. backpackbrewer says:

    Hi Mac,

    I use inflatable mats about 1/2 the time, normally when basecamping but this little fella allows me to keep light and backpack with.

    I have had short mats before and got used to the “dangly leg syndrome”. I know it sounds odd but I put my rucksack under my feet and dont notice the difference it at all.

    The other thing to remember is that i am just under 5foot8 and so it literally is only my lower legs that protrude over the mat edge

    The bigger baffles on the two edges do cradle you a little bit so if you are a “roller” it will help

  3. Glad you like the mat. I camped out in our field with my son last night. We wanted to start really early in the morning as my son wanted to shoot some rabbits in the morning. He is a trainee Ray Mears and loves Bushcraft.
    Anyway I managed to puncture my Peak Elite last night. I changed to my Thermarest Prolite – two things to say firstly, the Prolite is not as comfortable as the Elite and secondly I repaired the leak no problem with the seam seal glue provided. I just hope this is not a sign that the mat is a bit fragile. I off for a few days starting Friday so fingers crossed.

    • backpackbrewer says:

      How did you manage to puncture it Mark? Was it punctured in the pack rubbing against sharp stuff or did it fail on the ground?

      Perhaps it was your son not minding where he put the machete? :-O

  4. Not sure, it was a tiny tiny hole and difficult to locate. Hopefully it is a one off.

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