Kit list for my Black Mountains weekend

As per request, I have added the kit list I used for my weekend jaunt to the Black Mountains. The caveats to remember are that it was a 12 mile walk in, wildcamp overnight at 2100ft and 8 mile walk out in the morning. Also the prevailing temperature in the day was mid teens Celcius and at night approx 5-6 Celcius. Light rain was expected but no heavy downpour and a strong SE wind with gusts of up to 40mph were forecast.


My total weight “skin-out” at the beginning of the trip was 8548g of which 2349g was worn, the rest carried. If I did the same trip again I would ditch the Unna and go for a low profile tarp saving another kilo or so. Itemised list as per below:


item   weight (g) worn or food
Hillberg Unna outer   1540    
POE AC elite 2/3 mat inc stuffsac and repair kit   284    
extra mat for feet (laminate flooring undelay foam)   40    
alcohol pepsican cookset inc windshield and carry case   120    
meths for burner   120    
titanium cook pot + cosy   105    
Flint and steel   30    
golite sleeping bag   628    
omm 32 litre rucksack   601   w
MLD soul bivvy bag   251    
Lowe Alpine event cap   55   w
micro fleece beanie   18    
zinc oxide tape   25    
water   1040   f
aqua mira water treatment   20    
spork   10    
phone   119    
Paramo Cambia shirt   198   w
Montane Atomic DT waterproof jacket   264   w
socks   70   w
map + compass   181    
headphones   12    
pillow   22    
gloves   90   w
ron hill contour shorts   139    
Craghopper trousers   469   w
micro fleecetop   268    
Montane litespeed windshirt   155    
4 x museli bars   136   f
2 x noodles    130   f
Bread rolls x 4   206   f
chocolate bar   65   f
crisps x1    35   f
coffee   40   f
head torch   78    
Montrail Streak shoes   612   w
silnylon and cuben fibre stuff sacks   203    
car keys   39    
cuben fibre tarp and guylines   130    
 Total skin out   8548    

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I am a keen hiker, camper, cyclist and general all round gear addict..... I also manage to be a professional brewer in my non-spare time :->
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