Blorenge, Skirrid Fawr and other stories…

Its amazing isnt it? Sometime the simplest walks are the most uplifting. I felt like having a walk in the Black Mountains, time was limited and so I decided to do a couple of short ones. Two large hills nestling around Abergavenny are Blorenge and Skirrid Fawr. Blorenge has a claim to fame as the only word in the dictionary to rhyme with orange! Its flat on the top and is very easy to get to but the views afforded from its summit coupled with lesser known paths to the south and west make for an interesting change. Skirrid Fawr on the other hand is very pointy and mountainesque even though its only 486m tall. Its claim to fame is the ruin of a chapel on the top (only a few stones remain) and it was one of Rudolf Hess’s favourite walks during his internment at Maindiff Court during WW2

The day was one of those strange unseasonal days from last week when there was warm sunlight, a feeling of spring and a fabulous excuse to get out and about. I ambled my way up Skirrid Fawr to early morning sunshine and haze on the horizon and revelled in the sheer pleasure of being the only person out and about at that time. I had the mountain to myself. I spent a little time lingering at the trig point at the head of the hill peak and just took in the splendid panorama all around.

After this reflection time, I headed on to Blorenge my second destination. A different proposition to Skirrid, Blorenge sits quietly separated from the rest of the hills and mountains of the Brecon Beacons and The Black Mountains area. In a certain light it could be viewed as being uninspiring and featureless but when you take in the history of the area, the views from the top and the walks that can be accomplished it is to me a great hill. I made my way up the steep flanks and summited the rather odd crop of limestone rocks on the “summit” (more of a slight rise to the plateau in reality). The worst aspect of the Blorenge is the radio transmitter station a little way of the top but even this kind of adds character to the area. Having ambled around for a few miles around the ridge adjoining the plateau I decided to return.

Having had my small fix of little mountains, I made my way back to the car and headed for home. So, no towering peaks, no miles of ridge walking, no waterfalls and no deep valleys. What I had was peaceful, uplifting simple walking for a sunny unseasonable autumn morning.

Just right…


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2 Responses to Blorenge, Skirrid Fawr and other stories…

  1. -maria- says:

    Sounds like a great, uplifting walk – it does not need to be that extreme.

    The Blorenge – orange rhyme was interesting, especially for a foreigner with a background in linguistics!

  2. backpackbrewer says:

    Hi Maria,

    Locals phoenetically call it Blor-inje as almost a monosyllablic word not two if that makes sense

    I live in the borderland between wales and england and there are certain words, phrases and sayings that are a mix of the two languages called “wenglish” (welsh/english) so it can be a bit difficult for people in this country let alone elsewhere! 😀

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