Fail! Sometimes things go rrrrrip in the night

I was reminded of a trip I did last summer to the Rhinogs with 3 friends. The weather on the Saturday was ok but the wind was strong and by the time we camped high by a tarn it was gusting around the 40mph mark. Still, we put the two Golite SL3’s up side by side in a slight sheltered spot and settled for the night.

Sometimes you get a 6th sense about things just before they happen. Around 4am the wind picked up, the pole in the SL3 started doing crazy things and the tent was a rocking. Amazingly I managed to snooze until 5am with my hand wrapped around the pole as if to give early warning of disaster. Sure enough, the pole started bucking even more so I packed up my gear into my rucksack and prepared to bail out if needed. My companion was still snorring in the tent at this time. Not long after this, a rrrrrip was heard from the back of the tent. Being ready to bail I went out to investigate. The fly had ripped from one of the pegging points and another was showing signs of imminent failure too. I alerted my companion to the immenent death of the tent and he started to bundle his kit away just as the tent started to fail big style. To preserve any further damage, the inner pole was dropped and my companion struggled to pack whilst under a billowing tent. At this point the inhabitants of the other SL3 decided to do what all sensible well meaning friends do, they took a video and took the piss out of us! 😀

Still, it was an experience and just to make matters worse was one of the wettest walk outs I have ever endured.

But it was fun, honestly …..


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3 Responses to Fail! Sometimes things go rrrrrip in the night

  1. jacobtatum01 says:

    It’s amazing how quickly something like that can happen and turn what was a seemingly comfortable snooze into a crazy, windblown mess.
    But hey, it wouldn’t be real camping if nothing went wrong. There are always gonna be problems with equipment, troubles with food, fires, etc. That’s what makes it more fun! Finding the ways around those troubles and fixing them.
    Thanks for sharing the story (and video). Wind and rain are two of campers biggest enemies, but you’ve gotta appreciate the good laughs and good times that come out of their occasional visit to the campsite.

  2. backpackbrewer says:

    Thanks Jacob,

    camping adversities always stick in the mind just as much as beautiful sunsets and cracking company. It was good fun even at the time when all was going to rack and ruin! Exhilarating is the word I think 🙂

  3. Jordan says:

    Wow! I’m glad you’re okay!

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