Autumn in Wentwood Forest


Autumn is definitely here even if the temperature is a little higher than normal. I drive through a very ancient woodland called Wentwood Forest everyday on my long trawl to work. It gives me a little feelgood factor before the day begins. I also like walking in this quiet woodland tucked away from the multitudes. The other day I came across a deer not 10 feet away from me. Not sure who was more startled me or him though! Although the forest has a high proportion of conifers present (as do a lot of managed woods these days) there are still large patches of deciduous tree. Autumn colours abound in these quiet parts of the forest and provide an appropriate place to pause and appreciate a small moment in time…

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I am a keen hiker, camper, cyclist and general all round gear addict..... I also manage to be a professional brewer in my non-spare time :->
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12 Responses to Autumn in Wentwood Forest

  1. Jordan says:

    This is beautiful!

  2. jacobtatum01 says:

    Wow! What a beautiful place! Where is that? While there is only this one photo, it makes me want to explore there! I would love to walk or ride a bike through there one morning. Beautiful fall colors and I love that the trees line the trail/road so perfectly! Thanks for sharing.

  3. backpackbrewer says:

    its part of an ancient forest that used to carpet the whole of South Wales. only small parts remain but in places it is stunning.

    Its not far from Chepstow to the east and Cardiff to the West

  4. Mark Everson says:

    I love Wentwood – it’s close to where I live, and is great for family walks, mountain biking, even a barbeque in summer. Some great views and some lovely old trees in among the coniferous plantations.


    • backpackbrewer says:

      Hi Mark,

      just had a read of your blog and its a real mixture of the far flung and the close to home 🙂

      Where abouts do you live then since you and I must be reasonably close to each other?

  5. Mark Everson says:

    I live in Cwmbran, I’m originally from Newport, so we do most of our walks in the Beacons. I don’t get out as much as I’d like due to family/work etc, but it’s a great area to live in for outdoors activities!


  6. Phyllis Pearson (nee Robinson ap Morgan says:

    I’m from Newport, though I now live in NZ. But I grew up with Wentwood more or less on my doorstep. This is where the best bluebells in the world can be found, and where three generations of my family have picked them. Oh to be home again and walk in that most special of woodlands.
    Cymru am Byth!

    • Saddlebags and Backpacks - a brewer's outdoor adventures says:

      Hi Phyllis, I completely agree its a special area and yes there are many bluebells carpetting the forest as I speak having been up there a few days ago.

      The best views of it are from the top of Grayhill but then you already know that 😉

  7. Hi, there. I found this fab photo by googling “Wentwood Public Domain” whilst looking for shots for my parishes’ FB page: we are a 7-parish Anglican parish group in and around Wentwood. I suspect it’s not actually public domain, so I wonder if you’d mind me using it? Please feel free to email me yea or nay. Many thanks, Will.

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