Phone Killer 3.0 … yes I did it again


I did it guv, it was me. I am the murderer but I didnt mean to do it! It was an accident….!

Yes, I have killed a third phone. All through (largely) water ingress. Ok, so the latest phone was also dropped 2 days after getting it first, but the downpour the other day left it with the bottom row of buttons unresponsive (even after drying out). I had gotten a cheapo phone that I thought would be robust and not many things to break (ie not a smartphone!). Alas I have managed to kill this one as well (can you hear the collective hands of the mobile phone industry rubbing enthusiastically together at the thought of ANOTHER phone sale to yours truly?)


BIG sigh…

So this was last week. I ordered a phone via Amazon (my current favourite internet site it has to be said). The blurb said it would be available mid Feb (new phone model).

Ok, I could wait.

12 hours later, I got an email updating me and saying this had been brought forward to the start of Feb.

Good, sounds promising.

Then a day later, another email to say it would be sent next week.

Really? Excellent!

Then today, I came home to find the phone sat here waiting for me. Ok, now I am all for underpromising and overdelivering but this is ridiculous (in a very,very good way). So, ok, I have had the phone out, charged the battery and played with it a little. Its almost exactly like the phone I have just killed only with one (as yet to be tested) majorly different attribute. Its waterproof. Ok, it SAYS its waterproof or to be more specific its IP67 rated which broadly means it is dustproof and can stand immersion in water of up to 1metre depth (claimed for 30mins).

Ok, so what is the mega-phone that will defy the destructive force of the BackpackBrewer?

(drumroll, inhaling of breath)

Samsung C3350 Solid X-Cover!


Right, first things first. Its is a bit of a “brick”. It is retro looking for a phone. It isnt a smart phone. It isnt even a trying hard to pass my “11-plus” exams phone. Its a simple, robust phone that I am hoping will last me a little while.

It was designed and released as a successor to the acclaimed Samsung B2100 Solid Extreme. This older model was a low tec spec phone designed for, as well as builders, mechanics, outdoor workers, etc, etc……numpties like me. The new spec is still not anywhere near “wow” (not even close) but it has a passable 2MP camera, a mini-torch, media player, internet connection and of course the waterproof/dustproof/shock resistant properties! I take my phone with me everywhere and if I am truthful I am not gentle with it and always take it on walks. Of course, I try to remember to put it in a waterproof bag but sometimes I forget…

It isnt going to set the world alight but I bought it mainly for its claimed robustness. I’ll do a more in depth review after I have had chance to play with it over a day or so but so far its looking like it could be a good phone for me.

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10 Responses to Phone Killer 3.0 … yes I did it again

  1. My wife went through a phase of dropping her phones in the toilet…

  2. backpackbrewer says:

    luckily, I have not been doing that but I have:

    got one wet going behind a waterfall (d’oh)
    going canoing (double d’oh)
    going out in the rain (excusable…just)

  3. Blogger Zed says:

    The only reason I have stopped using my Solid Extreme is that the new 4S is brilliant. Still very fond of the old phone and will take it on any hard trips. I’ve fallen off a mountain bike on to a rucksack containing the Solid Extreme and repeatedly soaked its exterior with rain and/or sweat when it was in a softshell pocket so, if the new Samsung is anything like as tough as the old phone, it should do you.

    My Samsung will only play MP3s, which it does well, so don’t be too quick to convert to the iCloud standard.

    • backpackbrewer says:

      Well, the reviews of owners of the Solid Extreme are normally very positive (having read a few whilst researching tough phones). It was a very close thing but in the end the only difference in price between the C3350 and the B2100 was £20.

      I am a bit of an anti-tech person. I like technology but I dont “get it” if you see what I mean so simple phones score highly with me! The only thing I suspect I may not like about the new phone is the camera. Its a 2mp camera so is ok for a quick snap but thats about it. I was really spoilt with the N95 I had a few years ago as the camera was outstanding. Still, I will have a go with the camera on this one over the weekend to see whats what. It wont replace me taking a full camera but it would be nice to know that odd snaps can be taken whilst out and about

  4. Your’e not alone, funnily enough I’m in the market for a new phone too as I killed mine on the Cobbler the day after Boxing day.

    As I dropped down below the summit I fished it out of my trousers to give my wife a ring. During my descent though the rain came on but not too hard so I moved it from my trousers to my waterproof jacket pocket. I never bothered with waterproof trousers and my camera was just shoved into the other jacket pocket…,trouble is though I must’nt have done the zipper up because back at the car the phone was found to be floating in an inch or so of water in the bottom of the pocket!

    Camera was fine thankfully!

    I’ve been eyeing up the Sony Erricson Experia active as a “rugged” smartphone.

    • backpackbrewer says:

      Ahhhh, the old floating phone in big pocket of water routine….definite phone killer that one. Reminds me of when I killed my 2nd phone when I went canoing. Had it in my backpocket and surprise surprise, the boat had 6 inches of water in teh bottom by the end and my phone was doing a good submarine impersonation
      The Sony phone looks good. I wouldnt trust myself with another smartphone, they are just not me!

  5. Mark Everson says:

    What about getting an Aquapac?? I have an old iphone 3G and an aquapac. Works really well, you can even submerse it (though I’ve not personally tried!). Fits most phones too.

    • backpackbrewer says:

      Already got one of those Mark 😀

      I have to be honest and say two things about the aquapacs (and similar other waterproof bags):

      a) I dont really like them as they bulk out the phone and its difficult to operate the phone inside it
      b) I am incredibly lazy/disorganised and often forget or chance it with the phone

      However, I always use one for the main camera. Odd isnt it? Still I really ought to use aquapacs more often for my phones but hopefully the new one will not require it

      • Mark Everson says:

        I use mine a lot for my iphone because I use a running app to track my miles and I can put it in the beltpack and not worry about water ingress. I think touchscreens are easier to operate with aquapacs. Good luck with the Samsung!



  6. backpackbrewer says:


    I reckon an aquapac or similar for touchscreen phones are essential. theyre are too sensitive to moisture otherwise I reckon. Mind you I am really cackhanded with phones so maybe I ought to put the Samsung in one as well 🙂

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