Samsung C3350 – an update

Ok, so I have had a few weeks now to play with this phone and abuse it a bit. So far so good. I havent killed it. I havent even, to be fair, dropped it or wetted it out. So, robustness aside how has it fared?

Well I really like the torch on the phone. I know, I know…little things please little minds but it is incredibly useful especially in the winter months and probably for camping as a backup. The phone is functional, the keys very responsive and easy to type on. Some of the predictive text suggestions are a hoot but it all works well . The internet is surprisingly fast and responsive. The toughness is as yet untested but the phone has no scratches and it lives in my pocket so seems good so far. The camera is actually quite good. I went out today for a walk in the Black Mountains and decided to test it out versus the Lumix LX3 for a laugh.

I decided to take a “standard” hill shot with both cameras on their normal settings and then take a sun-orientated shot the same way.

Very little to choose between these two. The LX3 image is a touch sharper and the Samsung a touch “fuzzier”. Also the LX3 shot has a touch more colour and depth but as I said (to my untrained eye) very little to choose between them.

More of a difference with this shot. The act of pointing the camera at the sun has forced the LX3 to compensate in auto mode and allow more of the image to come through rather than being “shadowed” by the light intensity. The Samsung shot is definitely grainier and slightly less well defined. Having said that my preference with sun shots is to darken the foreground to accentuate the effect of the sun. On the LX3 this means choosing the “sunset” mode normally. Thinking about it I should have done that rather than auto-exposure but didnt realise until I looked at the pictures at home.

So, overall thoughts? Yes, the LX3 is superior and has alot of settings and the ability to take in different aspect ratios or raw pictures etc etc. However, if I was stuck with no other camera I would happily take pictures with the Samsung but wouldnt expect miracles obviously. I will continue to take pictures with both the LX3 and the Samsung on future outings but I have no immediate reservations in just taking the phone camera. Sometimes I really do forget to pack a camera but I always take the phone.

Oh, and I’ll do an update for the walk I did yesterday, when I took the pictures, soon

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5 Responses to Samsung C3350 – an update

  1. Gillian says:

    Thanks for your blog article on the Samsung S3350, I love walking and taking photos I’ve been using Panasonic DmC-LX2 and you can see by the model No, it’s a few years old. It still takes great photos which I put on my blog Gold Coast Walks unfortunately I haven’t moved forward with all the settings still stuck on auto.
    Thanks for the info

  2. Mark Everson says:

    Camera phones are great for convenience – you never know when you might need to take a shot of something. Some are better than others though. The Samsung seems pretty good. I sometimes get tired of lugging my SLR around the hills, but it does take a decent photo and I can play with the settings to my heart’s content.
    Mynydd Llangorse, by the way??


    • backpackbrewer says:

      Hi Mark,

      The Samsung is ok, way better than I would have expected for a 2MP phone camera. Of course the daddy of them all was the Nokia N95 with a 5MP camera that was very good indeed. Alas I killed that one!

      Not a million miles out on the location. Was stood on top of Castell Dinas looking towards Y Grib on the first shot and the other shot is looking south towards Mynydd Troed (right)& Pen Allt Mawr and that long ridgeline (left)

      • Mark Everson says:

        I also had a Nokia N95. Still have it somewhere but not sure if it still works.
        I should have looked closer at the photos! I was looking down towards Castell Y Dinas on Saturday morning, from the top of the Dragon’s Back. Great area!

  3. backpackbrewer says:

    Hi Gillian,

    The LX2 is also a great camera. I still really rate my LX3 now having had it for 4 years. I must admit I dont tend to deviate too much off auto although I do use the preset settings for mountain shots, sunset shots and the like. I really ought to do more with manual settings but I am lazy!

    cheers, Dave

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