Castell Dinas – a very short Black Mountain walk

Last Sunday presented an opportunity for a quick walk in reasonable conditions. The forecast was cold but with the possibility of some sun quite in contrast to recent weather. I didnt have all day as I had promised to take the kids out in the afternoon so decided on a quick yomp up Castell Dinas and Y Grib in the Black Mountains.

The drive was very pleasant in the early light, twisting and turning through quiet country lanes. My destination for the day was a short spur of the great Black Mountain ridgeline that runs north from Crickhowell. Castell Dinas is a ruined castle with stone remains from around the time of the Norman Conquest, but was possibly a hill fort before that period. It commands an outcrock on a hill around 450metres up and on the way to Y Grib and the main ridgeline beyond.


The walk up to the castle was short and sharp in the cold morning air but nothing too difficult. The tumbledown ruins that sit atop the promontory command a great view of the surrounding area and especially of the ridgleline to the east

Amidst the rocky top the 360 view is fantastic with Mynydd Troed to the West (another fabulous walk in itself)

and the skyline to the south encompassing the distinctive shape of Pen Allt Mawr in the distance

After spending some time just taking in the views, I pushed on briefly up the spur of Y Grib to stretch my legs a little bit extra but the lack of time meant I couldnt go too far. It was soon time to turn around and make my way back down to the car and the drive home. A very short walk of only a few miles but it was worth it just to get get out, take in the stunning skylines and enjoy a cold but wholesome day


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6 Responses to Castell Dinas – a very short Black Mountain walk

  1. Martin Rye says:

    A short walk is still a walk. Any walk is better than no walk.

  2. backpackbrewer says:

    Half of the enjoyment was the drive up to my destination and it truly is lovely contryside around there. I fancied that particular walk as I hadnt been there in a while and I just wanted to “stand and stare”

    As you say, a walk is still a walk

  3. Totally agree – a walk is still a walk, and the views look great anyway. Must get down to the Black Mountains sometime!

    • backpackbrewer says:

      you really wont be disappointed, lofty ridges, deep wooded vales, stunning views and lots of places to visit around the area

  4. alan.sloman says:

    oooh! That took me back to a scout camp (Mumbles) years ago near Panteg. I managed to pour a dixie of boiling milk over my shin,(which was in thick hiking socks) and did huge damage that took years to repair.
    Happy days.

    • backpackbrewer says:

      ah the mists of time soften the pain of the inadvertent self inflicted mishap 🙂 Its a great area and I havent stopped to walk around that spot for ages. With a bit more time I will do Mynydd Troedd another visit. And the best thing is there’s a pub by the car park 😀

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