Is this hopeful or what?

Ok, so you will probably laugh.

I have an aspiration to go out more this year and especially further afield from South Wales. I got looking at trips to remote areas and inevitably got looking at bothies. Now I love camping but I also love bothies too and a bothy trip (or 2) is already on my 2012 things to do list. I have been looking at the ones in Wales, The Lakes and especially Scotland. Having seen other bloggers reports of bothy trips I am increasingly keen to get a few more under my belt. Thanks James btw, its all your fault!!!

The thought of a really remote bothy, with a wood fire and nothing but mountains and sky for company really appeals to me. And I dont mind if its on my own or with others I just have this hankering to get at least one (new) one done this year. That doesnt mean to say that the tent is taking second place. No, because the bothy trip or trips (hopefully) will take some serious planning (route of walk in, extra stuff to carry – wood mostly, etc)  and so will be a special occasion. I will also be trying to plan one for me and the kids as well sometime in the spring or summer but that will be “less remote” for obvious reasons.

So the hopeful bit? Well that’s the aspiration of several bothy trips in one year, but in a fit of enthusiasm have also joined the MBA. I know that you dont need to be a member to use the facilities but its a kind of paying it forward exercise if you like…. Well it makes sense to me anyhow 🙂 I just like the fact that there is an organisation that maintains these shelters and provides for the safety and enjoyment of those that seek it out in all the wild and lonely places

All I have to do now is decide which one to go for first


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8 Responses to Is this hopeful or what?

  1. backpackingbongos says:

    I have been blamed for worse Dave! I hope you manage to get out and visit some bothies this year, a splendid way to spend a night, especially if the weather is bad.

  2. backpackbrewer says:

    I really fancy doing some bothy nights this year and yes it is definitely your fault! All those great photos and trip reports have got my aspirational juices flowing 😀

  3. Before you go on your own, google ‘haunted bothy stories’ – after reading all those I ended up sleeping in Greg’s Hut, on my own, with my torch on all night. (I hadn’t lit a fire though. If I had it might have felt less spooky!) Hasn’t put me off though!

    • backpackbrewer says:

      Are you a masochist? lol. I made the mistake of watching a series called “the nightmare man” back in the early 80’s just before going off on my first wild camp!

  4. Blogger Zed says:

    Bearnais, after a meandering approach from the south east is utterly amazing. A must. Bus from Inverness to a start somewhere near Cluanie and train back to Inverness from the finish, so the planning isn’t too taxing. You could bothy the whole thing, but I’d take a tent for versatility.

    • backpackbrewer says:

      thanks Zed, I’ve had a look at that bothy and the surrounding area and it does indeed look amazing. My only problem for this year is that I will probably have to keep to the Southern fringes of Scotland to cut down on travel time. I have, however, definitely marked it on my memory map file for future reference and perusal 🙂

  5. Blogger Zed says:

    I know where you can find posts on walking trips around Moffat and Peebles. Alan Rayner’s Blog on the Landscape, Northern Pies (April 2011) and, oh yes, at my blog. If you don’t like hills with fences along summit ridges, try Galloway instead. But not bothying.

    • backpackbrewer says:

      thanks BZ,

      info stored away in my noodle for future reference and pondering. I can never have too many pointers and suggestions so thanks for that!

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