The Lightwave T0 – updated. The T10 is here!

Having owned and used a Lightwave T0 1-man tent a few years ago, it was with interest that I saw an updated version called the T10 which is out this year. Now I really liked the T0 as a tent but it did have a few flaws, namely the smallish porch, smallish inner (not a problem for me 🙂 ), the fiddly brow pole (abhorred by some) and the inner/outer touching in a side wind.

As many know, Lightwave (and sister company Crux) produce well designed and practical tents by the Alpinist Carol McDermott. Intrigued about the changes to the T0, I managed to have some email correspondance with Carol to find out what could be expected of the new T10.

The first thing to notice is that the inner dimensions have changed from 212cm to 225cm in length. This should make the T10 much more accessible as a 1 man option for taller individuals. The second thing to notice is that the porch has grown from 40cm to 90cm! Carol informed me that this had been achieved by making the front pole more vertical and will surely please those who want to be able to store a large pack in the porch for multiday trips. This has also facilitated the removal of the tiny front brow pole, to some a fiddly annoyance. 

The venting arrangement is slightly different (which is part and parcel of the removal of the brow pole). Carol also says he has changed the guying arrangement to help keep the inner/outer separation (the last of the perceived issues with the original tent). The weights appear similar although the T10 is approximately40g heavier than it predecessor. The increase in porch size and inner size make this tiny increase well worth while in my opinion. Lastly it appears from the website, although I didnt get chance to confirm, that the pole sections have shortened to give a packed size of 40cm x 15cm rather than the previous 50cm x 13cm.

So all in all, the T10 looks on paper to be a worthy successor to the T0. I really liked the T0 when I owned it and for me the worst niggles (the brow pole and the smallish size) have been addressed. The only question left to answer in my mind would be whether the inner outer separation is improved on the T10 (when the T0 was pitched well, this wasnt a big issue to be fair).

Really pleased to see that Carol hasnt rested on his laurels and continues to evolve his tent line up and listen to consumer feedback. There is also an XT version of the T10 available and an “ultra” version to be released sometime in 2012/2013.

And yes, I am trying hard to resist…….!


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4 Responses to The Lightwave T0 – updated. The T10 is here!

  1. Sometimes resistance is so difficult….Geoff’s hidden my credit cards while I’m not very mobile but attached to the laptop…

  2. Resistance is futile… 😦 I’ve been mailing around to different retailers to find out who has it in stock, I plan on getting one this weekend as I happen to need a new 3-4 season tent and this appears to be perfect! 😀

    • backpackbrewer says:

      yes resistance can be futile 🙂

      I think the spec is right on for a 4 season 1 man tent. I will be very interested to see how it compares against say a Hilleberg Akto, Unna or Soulo.

      I reckon it could be a very popular tent

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