North Wales adventure – a forthcoming trip


I shall be away for a 3 day trip to North Wales at the end of this week and I can honestly say I am really looking forward to this. I shall be going with Robin of Blogpackinglight and Sean of Oookworks so am looking forward to a bit of witty banter and serious gear talk πŸ™‚

Robin has planned the route for whichΒ I am grateful sinceΒ I can turn up and be a lazy tourist πŸ˜€ . As ever, I have the connundrum of what gear to take and this of course is dictated by the weather. As per my last post, the choice of which weather website to use is many and varied!

Checking the Met Office website, the outlook looks good:


Sunshine will be more widespread on Thursday than on previous days. Winds will be light to moderate southeasterlies but could become fresh around the summits at times. Hill fog will be very isolated and it should remain dry.


Very little change from Thursday, with widespread sunny periods expected and only occasional hill fog, probably above 700 metres. Southeasterly winds will continue throughout the day and although it should be mainly dry, there is a chance of some showers.


A generally dry day with winds becoming light and variable. Eastern areas may see some cloud and hill fog, but western parts should be generally bright with some sunny periods.

The other forecasts also refer to high pressure over the coming week and a good chance of some sunshine. Cold, crisp and bright, just like Spring camping weather should be. The added bonus is that daylight hours now exceed night hours so lots of time to walk and admire the views.

The gear choice will settle down nearer Thursday when the weather forecast confirms what its likely to do. If it is indeed cold bright and mainly dry then the heavy duty winter kit will be relegated for lightweight day kit (thin layers) and a down jacket for the evenings. Whatever the weather though, I am fairly simmering with anticipation.

Good weather, good views and good company = excellent trip πŸ™‚


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17 Responses to North Wales adventure – a forthcoming trip

  1. Robin says:

    Watch out for bares!

  2. Robin says:

    You could take a shotgun

    • backpackbrewer says:


      only in the US could you have a recommendation for an ultralightweight rifle to take camping with you! πŸ˜€

      • When we did some backpacking in Alaska a few years ago (don’t forget – an extremely large population of Grizzlies plus more Black Bears than the rest of the USA put together), we went out into the wilderness armed with holsters of pepper spray. We did however, start to feel somewhat under-defended after a few days, as everyone else we met out backpacking was armed with a rifle! Also while we were out, two people who were a couple of days in front of us on the route were attacked and hospitalized by a Grizzzly sow…

        • backpackbrewer says:

          eep! remind me not to go over there alone! No wonder the Luxury lite walking sticks with hidden sharp ends are popular over there!

  3. Mark Everson says:

    I am also off to Snowdonia on the weekend with 10 others! We’re bunkhousing rather than camping and doing the Bochlwyd Horseshoe saturday as many going are first timers to Tryfan and the Glyders! Looking forward to it immensely. Hoping the forecast is correct. Enjoy yourself.

    • backpackbrewer says:

      Brilliant, we are “across the road” in the Carneddau. Should be good πŸ™‚ Let me know how you get on in the bunkhouse as I am always on the lookout for good bunkhouse accomodation

      • Mark Everson says:

        Will do. It’s the Vagabond in Betws-y-coed and has been used by one of our party previously. Apparently the landlord is great fun and enjoys a drink and singsong, which doesnt bode well for getting up sunday morning for more walking!
        We may do some of the Carneddau on Sunday, or might go for Moel Siabod which is closer to BYC and probably easier if feeling delicate.

        • backpackbrewer says:

          Sounds grand! I almost wish I was going to your “do” lol! I will be passing through BYC on Thursday on the way to my rendevouz. I might have to stop off for the obligatory gear fondling πŸ™‚

  4. Dave, looks like you are in for a good walk. Say Hi to Robin from me – I think he has already left for Wales.

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