More thoughts on the Panasonic Lumix LX3 camera.

Just a quick post.

Going back nearly 4 years, I bought the Panasonic Lumix LX3 camera. At the time, I remembering wanting to have a “point and shoot” compact camera that was also high specced. I also wanted to be able to use it a bit more creatively now and again but didnt want the hassle of a large DSLR. I remember the sleekness of it when it first arrived. I remember the array of buttons and clever functions on it (which I admit I have still only used about 20% of). I remembered how good the photographs I took with it were. It enhanced my very average photographic skills to produce some quite passable, nay pleasing, results.

Zoom forward (sorry) to today and I still have this camera. It hasnt been to Marakesh, or the Andes or Kilimanjaro. It has been, however, on nearly every walk and camping trip for the past 4 years though. It has taken thousands of photographs and given me some stunning results on times (more than I deserve relative to effort if I am honest). Its been dropped, scratched, dented, lost the flash cover and in fact has to be coaxed into releasing the flash from the main body. Its been thrown in bags and had rough handling. If it was a child I would have been hauled in by the camera equivalent of Social Services by now.

So why the update?

Well, last week I took it out for a trip and then when I got to my destination I completely failed to find it. In the space of the past 3 days I have cleared my car out from top to bottom, searched the house in every nook and cranny and asked the police if anyone had handed in a battered silver camera. All to no avail. I was distraught. It wasnt worth alot (now) and insurance is a wonderful thing. But, it just felt like I had lost something very personal and valuable to me and couldnt really be replaced.

Imagine my surprise then when I went to put the bins out for collection, I found it still in its little cuben fiber pouch (made by Sean at Oookworks) on the driveway. I must have somehow gotten it caught up in a bag when I put the rubbish out that day of the trip. The inside of the pouch was a little damp, the outer shell of the camera covered in beads of moisture. I held my breath. I took the lens cap off and pushed the on button.




It was working perfectly. I had abused my little silver friend and didnt deserve to be greeted like a small dog does to its owner upon returning from a long trip. My LX3 had forgiven me.

….”why do birds suddenly appear….everytime you are near….”

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5 Responses to More thoughts on the Panasonic Lumix LX3 camera.

  1. I can remember many years ago, driving through Death Valley, when hubby Geoff suddenly realised that he’d lost his Swiss Army knife. Now this knife is a habit of his, it’s ALWAYS in his pocket, he never goes anywhere without it. He worked out that it must have dropped out of said pocket when we’d been in the tourist info place at Furnace Creek, some 100 miles back by the time he realised it was missing. Despite my best arguing he insisted on driving all the way back to see if he could find it – and he did! But just imagine if you will, the atmosphere in the car during this 200 mile round trip for a knife that could have easily been replaced – especially as it was wife no. 1 who’d bought it for him, not me…….

    • backpackbrewer says:


      It was 100 degrees F outside and maybe a little over zero inside 😀

      I can ascribe to what Geoff did but discretion is the better part of valour and I would have bought another knife 🙂

  2. Patti Kuche says:

    So happy for you that you found it, it is such a sweet little camera!

  3. Arby says:

    I am so glad I came across this post! I haven’t used my LX3 in a long, long, LONG time (because it’s more convenient to use my phone), but I’ve started using it again here and there. One thing that has been bugging me though is these scratches on the display screen; every time I see it, it makes me want to never use it so I can protect it.

    HOWEVER, after reading this post, I realized that all those wear-and-tears you described are signs of heavy usage and of love. Now I want my camera to display how much it has gone through, how much it’s been used, how much it has seen. I feel so much better about the scratches. They are like the camera’s scars and every scar has a story.

    THANK YOU for changing my perspective.

    • backpackbrewer says:

      no problem. I often think that a camera carries the same memories as we do and after all a well loved battered camera is so much better than a pristine one that perhaps hasnt been used as much

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