Pegs part 4….

Ok, really it should be pegs part 3b but I thought I would keep it simple 🙂

This article looks at the pegs that came with the Lightwave T10 tent that I tested last month. And it has to be said that these were a selection of very funky pegs indeed. There were red needle pegs, “twist” Y pegs in silver and large “twist” pegs in gold.

Before I sent the tent back to Lightwave I did a very quick measure on the staying power of these pegs in the same way that I did for my other pegs (see my earlier “pegs” posts parts 1,2 and 3). I didnt have time to faff about so just did a straight pull out of the ground (I know I must get round to doing some 45degree angle tests at some point!). The ground was very moist and contained a few stones.

  • red needle  pegs 4-5 kg or approx 40-50 Newtons of force 
  • silver twist Y pegs 8-9 kg or approx 80-90 Newtons of force
  • large gold twist Y pegs 10-11 kg or approx 100-110 Newtons of force

Last time out I checked the more usual skewer, Y and V pegs. The nearest I could get the same conditions was the waterlogged results which were:

  • V pegs 9-10 kg or approx 90-100 Newtons of force 
  • Y pegs 8-9 kg or approx 80-90 Newtons of force
  • Skewer pegs 2-3 kg or approx 20-30 Newtons of force

Difficult to draw conclusions because the tests were not conducted at the same time but it does highlight that needle or skewer type pegs are pretty poor when compared to the Y and V varieties. The larger “twist” Y pegs were better than the smaller “twist” Y pegs in this evaluation but again its hard to draw conclusions versus the normal V and Y pegs because of the different conditions. I would hasten to say that the results look similar in which no one type of peg being especially better than the other.

Even if they dont give any great advantage over the more normal type of pegs you have to admit they do look very funky 🙂

Finally, yes, I will get around to doing some 45degree angle peg tests next month. If you are interested that is……


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5 Responses to Pegs part 4….

  1. Robin says:

    I wonder whether the twisted pegs are more resistant to bending. Personally I like the Easton pegs that come with the Scarp. They grip well and being round they penetrate rocky ground better than V or Y section pegs.

  2. Ledburner says:

    Y twist pegs must be bulkier than the ‘untwisted equivalent’. The ywisted ones won’t nest together like straight/untwisted Y or X one. I can see the will resist forces in line so will be harder to extract along their axis.
    they look suspiciously like a marketing gimmick.

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