Sometimes a place has a soul

I was leafing through my collection of walking photo’s and came across this one. I remember taking the shot 3 years ago and how I was affected by the place. Walking up from The Llangorse Activity Centre at Gilfach Farm, I remember seeing was appeared to be a stone bothy and a menhir or large standing stone set in the side of Mynydd Llangorse. The “bothy” is actually known as The Shepherds Cottage and the standing stone is actually a memorial and grave of Kevin John Thomas.

Kevin was an instructor who worked at the activity centre and lost his life in 1998 trying to save a teenager who had gotten into trouble in a nearby river. He was 35. The cottage was restored in 2000 as part of the Millenium Project and is also a local tribute to Kevin. The little meadow in which his grave, the stone and the cottage stand is a understated gem of a place. The views over towards Llangorse Lake and Pen-y-Fan beyond are beautiful. If I was to pick a resting place, I would be hard pressed to describe or want a better one. The place seems to have a life of its own and is one of the most tranquil spots I have found in a long time. If you ever get the chance and are in the vacinity, take a moment to visit this magical little spot and reflect….


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2 Responses to Sometimes a place has a soul

  1. Nick stubbs says:

    Very good post. Very cool how passionate you are about this particular photo. It is crazy how something that seems so insignificant can shape the way you/everyone views the world.

    • backpackbrewer says:

      just a really poignant feel to the place. I must go back during the summer and then perhaps the winter to get different aspects to the same place

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