A good, albeit wet, walk

So, what do you do when the weather is horrible? Put on a coat and a cap. It may even help if the cap is set at a jaunty angle. This is what I did the other day for a local walk, rain or no. Being fed up with the weather, I couldnt resist going for a short but rewarding walk. The rain clouds threatened a deluge and the mist was low and heavy but I wasnt to be put off.

The cap set at a jaunty angle did help somewhat

The walk I chose was around an area that is a few miles from my house. Grayhill (also know as Gray’s Hill or even Greyhill) is a super little hill that offers great views, vigorous walking, history and grumpy bulls. Quite often, for a very short walk, I will climb up from the Wentwood Reservoir and do a circuit of the top. This time, I decided to do a longer more gradual walk starting from a delightful spot called the Cwm (simply “valley” in Welsh) that winds its way slowly up through fields and woods and then along the spine of the hill to its highest point.

Even though rain was gently falling, the temperature was mild and yet it wasnt overly humid either. I parked the car by a spot I used to frequent as a young lad for little fishing trips and made my way through the fields climbing slowly upwards. I disturbed about 2 score bullocks in the field who thundered off apparently more frightened of me than I was of them! As I made my way up through the field system, I came across a boundary/crossing stone that had a dedication set in it.

I am not sure who the person referred to but the aspect the spot afforded was a lovely one looking down towards the Severn Estuary and the Caldicot Levels.

Once I crossed this boundary, the woods sprang up all around me and and gave a little respite from the rain that was falling all around. I kept climbing and and slowly the woods cleared to reveal the spine of Grayhill. Many years ago, I happened to find a Roman silver bracelet half buried in the mud of the path along the top of this hill. To this day, I cant help but try to find more treasures but alas no further luck has been forthcoming.

I paused for a while to take in the views from the “summit” and yet again I was presented with a different set from the last time I was up there. Heavy mist and clag clung to the trees of Wentwood Forest.

The rain held off but the threat of it continued. After tarrying a while, I decided to turn around and retrace my steps back down towards my parking spot. On the way down, I took a slightly different route but came face to face with the Bullocks again. They still didnt like the look of me and so bolted for a second time!

I finally got back to the car and although it brightened momentarily, the heavens opened as I drove off (and havent really stopped since I might add…..).

Ok, so a short walk around a familiar local haunt in the rain! I just cant sit around waiting for the sun to return so this was a good option. Next time I would like just a little bit of sun. Please?


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I am a keen hiker, camper, cyclist and general all round gear addict..... I also manage to be a professional brewer in my non-spare time :->
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6 Responses to A good, albeit wet, walk

  1. Robin says:

    Get a lightweight M&S umbrella. You know it makes sense 😉

    • backpackbrewer says:

      you and your umbrellas! 😀 actually was seriously considering designing a “hat” encorporating the best elements of the umbrella 🙂

  2. You’d never get out at the moment if you waited for the sun!

    • backpackbrewer says:

      Isnt that the truth!

      Today its not raining but although I am in work, I reckon a couple of hours stroll this evening is in order 🙂

  3. PhilR says:

    If you can’t beat it, join it. No point in waiting for the sun at the moment. I’m thinking of doing the same thing myself this weekend, a nice local walk….. in the rain!!

    • backpackbrewer says:

      I guess there comes a point where you have to just get on and walk regardless. To be fair, day walks in the rain arent that much of a nuisance. Its really camping and walking in continuous rain that is the challenge.

      Apparently Friday and Saturday are supposed to be REALLY wet 😦

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