Fizan Compact 4 Poles – first use review

No time like the present they say. Well since getting the Fizan Compact 4 poles, I have been looking forward to using them even if not completely convinced I would get on with them. So the weekend walk in the Wye Valley involved flat walking, steep sections and varied terrain from hard ground to muddy quagmires. Admittedly the main reasons for getting the poles were for a tarp set up as well as with help on steep sections. I wasnt entirely convinced from previous use that poles are for me.

Well, on the flat sections the poles felt easy to swing in a comfortable simple motion. More simple than I gave credit for. Perhaps the last time I used poles they were over heavy. I must admit the weight felt just about right with these. Lighter and they would have wafted out of that rhythmic forward and back motion. Heavier and they would have felt clumsy. The only criticism I have of the poles (poles of any description) is that they can bang into your legs when the “tic-toc” swing is interrupted on uneven or steep ground. On the steep sections and the muddy ground, the poles were useful in arresting quite a few slides that might have otherwise have happened. See the state of my shoes below for an indication of the muddy nature of the walk!

I am still not entirely convinced that poles are for me 100% of the time. I do admit to finding that they did help for around 20% of the time and combined with the tarp usage might just be enough vindication for me carrying them.

As to the actual poles themselves? I did like the simplicity of the Fizans. The locking mechanism is simple and streamlined. The poles stored nicely in my 20litre pack without poking above the level of the lid or leaning at crazy angles out of the pockets due to the length/weight. The weight feels right. The wrist straps are comfy but not complicated and the handles are easy to grip. The one thing I found mildly annoying about the poles was the noise they made upon making contact with the ground. Its a kind of noisy vibration. Now I dont have much experience with poles so not sure what other poles are like. Its been mentioned by at least one other reviewer of Fizan poles so maybe a function of the absence of external locking mechanisms? To be fair, after a while the noise goes into the background and you dont really notice it. Not a deal breaker but an oddity of the poles to contend with

Ok, so the next test is to take the poles for a camping trip with the tarp and obviously more miles than the eight I did on Sunday. More testing is needed both for the poles themselves and for me using them! I might, just might, decide that I should use them on a more regular basis whether using the tarp or no.

We’ll see 🙂


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8 Responses to Fizan Compact 4 Poles – first use review

  1. Robin says:

    If you don’t like the noise you could always use the rubber tips 🙂

    Bet the wife was pleased with those dirty shoes on her nice clean floor 😉

  2. benl56 says:

    I have been using these poles for over a year and apart from some paint scratches they are holding up well. As you say I don’t use them 100% of the time. It depends on the terrain but I would guess about 50% of the time – going up hill and on uneven ground. I find them annoying on steep ground and when the noise gets too much! But the low weight and small size makes them worth taking on most trips,

    • backpackbrewer says:

      thanks for the reply Ben, so you are pretty much the same as me then. I got slightly annoyed with them when the ground was uneven and i was banging the back of my legs with them but apart from that (and the noise) not too bad at the moment! 🙂

  3. edh says:

    I’ve knocked the crap out of mine over the last few years…..they do have a bit of a spraaang sound on occasion – tightening them up (not too much) stops it.

    • backpackbrewer says:

      Yes, you’ve given me as bit more confidence about tightening them up more as I was a bit reluctant to it in case of damage. I have got some of the replacement inners so even if something wears out I can repair them.
      Have you used yours a lot for shelter holding up duties?

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