Rhossili and Worms Head – a Gowertastic place

Just a few words and more importantly a few more photos from my weekend trip to Rhossili and Worm’s Head in the Gower. I still cant believe that summer has finally arrived, enough for the kids to say they wanted to go to the seaside! Of course down in South Wales, the Gower is a special kind of seaside. Its very much like Cornwall and Devon and bits of it are exceedingly beautiful and relatively unspoilt. And in my humble opinion, Rhossili and Worm’s head is the creme de la creme in the Gower peninsula.

It takes about an hour and 3/4’s to get to this part of the Gower for me and the last 10 or so miles is through windy country roads. Along the way there are lots of beaches and coves but none so grand as Rhossili. It really is worth going a bit further to visit it.

When you get there, it feels relaxed and not over commercialised. There are no tacky amusement arcades, no garish pubs, no nightclubs or mile upon mile of concrete and pavements. What it has is lush green hillsides adjoining the beach, miles of walking in any direction, the flatest cleanest beach you could wish for and Worm’s Head island.

We ambled over towards Worm’s Head fully intending to cross the causeway at low tide. However when we got there I realised we didnt have enough time to traverse the rocky strip of land and back with the kids before the tide returned! The window of opportunity is 5 hours and so if your timing is out, you could end up doing an impromptu wildcamp 🙂

Instead of crossing over we decided to play on the rocky shoreline and look at the many rockpools that adorn this side of the cliffs. The kids had a whale of a time and after a few hours of this we decided to go back and try the sandy beach. Via the ice cream shop of course 😀

After the ice cream interlude we hit the beach! Although it was a saturday and it was sunny, there really werent that many people and that is part of the alure of this place. The beach stretches for miles and because of its flatness is a perfect place for beach sports and pastimes.

There really werent that many people about!

There were even some people paragliding off the hills adjacent to the beach. Such was the swell of warm thermal air lifting in from the sea they hung around slowly circling like gigantic birds. At one point 2 of them landed on the beach much to the amusement of all when a dog decided they did look like birds and wanted to chase them

Finally, as the sun began to dip down and the shadows started to lengthen, we reluctantly left the beach to go and have tea. One last dip in the water for the kids and we were away.

We managed to find a great little place for fish and chips after the beach just to round off the day. We all had a brilliant time and as soon as we can we will be heading back down for another day or two there.

It really is a special place


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