Afternoon in a Wheatfield – a perfect music choice?

 Well, I have been having a look in the loft at various albums from many years ago as part of a tidy up. A lot (300+) are on vinyl and a good few (100+) on cassette tape. I am surprised the ceiling isnt bowing more. I have to admit to spending a little too long “sorting out” up in the loft and reaquainted myself with some music classics. Robin over at BlogpackingLight did a collage of photos with background music. I have been pondering doing the same. Trouble is what music do you use and more importantly what track? For photos of mountains and hills it would be obvious to go for instrumental or classical music.

Whilst pouring over my collection, I came across a couple of albums that screamed at me “pick me, pick me!”. Admitedly they are very similar in nature and indeed the artist of the one features on the other. If you say Claire Hamill to people, most will give you a blank look, some will unhelpfully offer a suggestion she might be related to Mark (arf arf). If you mention “Art of Landscape” from Channel 4, you might get a few more looks of understanding and then warm fuzzy faces full of reminiscence. Listening to both albums whilst “sorting out” drew me to one piece in particular by Claire Hamill that makes me want to put the photo collage together to. And the piece? Afternoon in a Wheatfield. I have pasted the only You Tube link I can find which is only 55 seconds long but also a link to a MP3 site that plays the whole song.

Have a listen. It may not be to your liking but I reckon it could be the right choice for my photo collage project.

I recommend a darkened room, listening to this through a good set of cans.



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