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A new layering system for the winter….any recommendations?

I am toying with the idea of upgrading my walking+camping winter layering/shell system from the current one which comprises: Berghaus Argentium long sleeve baselayer Berghaus microfleece Montane Prism (1.0!) Montane Atomic DT Jacket Its served me well for the past … Continue reading

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Barney waits for breakfast with a friend

Just had to post this picture of Barney the puppy and Marmalade the house-rabbit. They have worked out their differences and now present a united front when it comes to begging for food! Barney continues to grow at an exponential … Continue reading

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What age for taking a dog walking on the hills and camping?

Continuing my recent dog theme, my pup is quickly approaching his second immunisation jab and thus the ability to go out for a walk. This is good, not least of which for the rabbit who is fed up of the … Continue reading

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Outdoor People like……..pets?

Having just got a dog (for the 2nd time), it suddenly struck me how many outdoor people, especially bloggers, seem to have pets. In fact I would go so far as to say that dogs seem to be a very … Continue reading

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My new walking companion…..

Quick post to introduce you to my new walking companion. He’s not quite ready to take to the hills just yet though.

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