Outdoor People like……..pets?

Having just got a dog (for the 2nd time), it suddenly struck me how many outdoor people, especially bloggers, seem to have pets. In fact I would go so far as to say that dogs seem to be a very common theme. Is this coincidence or just a natural extension of the psyche of ourselves? I like to think that people who love the outdoors have a certain mind-set and that includes other aspects such as wishing to have pets.

For me personally, I found that owning pets is one of life’s little pleasures. I have had cats, dogs, mice, rabbits, fish but definitely found dogs to be the most rewarding. Its been 10 years since we last had a dog and increasingly of late I have found me wistfully thinking of getting one. I guess the combination of seeing other people out on the trail with dogs, my own desire to have a companion for walking and probably most of all the kids constantly badgering me made the decision inevitable!

Barney has been with us just over a week and has already settled into the rhythm of daily life in our household and us to him. Lots and lots of training to come but so far the kids are bowled over, the rabbit is ok with it and even the odd nibbled foot cant dampen everyone’s enthusiasm. I am looking forward to next spring when its just possible I may be tramping the hills with my new best friend

About Saddlebags and Backpacks - a brewer's outdoor adventures

I am a keen hiker, camper, cyclist and general all round gear addict..... I also manage to be a professional brewer in my non-spare time :->
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8 Responses to Outdoor People like……..pets?

  1. MrsBoardwell says:

    I think you definitely have a point. We’ve had Big H since he was 8 weeks old (he’s now 9) and a rescue bitch since she was 8 months old (she’s now 7) and would not enjoy our trips without them as much as we do with them! And your pup is beyond cute!

  2. Robin says:

    Except for the hair, he even looks like you 😉

  3. He has a coffee table all to himself!

  4. Cal says:

    When we decided to adopt a dog, we went looking for someone who could be our backpacking companion. We settled on a pitbull, mostly because we wanted a smaller breed, but one that had loads of stamina for those really long treks. We ended up with a runty little girl (we named her Smidgin) and she’s been perfect. She’s a bit thin-skinned, but nothing a good dog coat and her own down “sleeping bag” didn’t cure.

    She’s become a great hiking companion!

    I agree that people who are into the outdoors are often into animals as well (bringing a bit of the “wildlife” into their homes maybe? LOL). Goodness knows we have a good start on a menagerie (1 cat, 1 dog, and 2 snakes) and I would have MORE animals, if Mike would let me, ha ha.

    Your little fluffball is adorable. Looking forward to seeing photos from the trail next season!

    • backpackbrewer says:

      thanks for the post Cal much appreciated.

      Sounds like you have a handful in your house. All I have to contend with is stopping the pup from chasing the rabbit (and vice versa). I cant wait for the time when I can take Barney out for a wander and then a camp. Probably have to wait until spring but we’ll see how he gets on

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