Oookworks Oookstar inner on order

Trying saying that after a few drinks! 🙂

I finally cracked and decided to get a custom made inner from Sean at Oookworks for my MLD Trailstar. I have a bivvy bag for during summer but thought that a bespoke inner will extend the use of the Trailstar to the depths of winter. I contacted Sean the other day and although he is busy moving, catching up with orders and arranging for Internet access, he is keen and raring to continue the success of Oookworks.

After copious correspondence with Sean, I finally settled on a solid ripstop inner with a mesh panel on the front section. I am plumping for the Chikara floor to go with the solid inner especially after Robin of Blogpackinglight indicated it was less slippery than silnylon. Thanks also to Robin for sharing his experiences of mesh inners for MLD shelters.

So here’s looking forward to getting the Oookstar and with any luck I might even get the inner for Christmas. December wildcamp anyone?

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7 Responses to Oookworks Oookstar inner on order

  1. northernwalker says:

    I have a Big Nest on order for my SL3. Looking forward to taking it for a spin. Got a mail from Sean this week… really glad to hear things are settling down and he’s in a position to continue making these great products.

    • backpackbrewer says:

      Absolutely. Sean is a star and really has found a niche in the UK market for his products. His attention to detail and care and effort are immense.

      Let me know how you get on with the SL3 nest too!

  2. northernwalker says:

    will do…

  3. charles says:

    Enjoy your blog. Just wondering what your thourgts are re the MLD Duomid as I see you have gone for the Trailstar. I was very tempted by the Hilly Unna but being 6′ 1” I think the headroom
    may be an issue, also the weight. I plan to use the Duomid just with a lightweight groundsheet
    over whole floor and set the Duomid tight to the ground. Did think about adding the perimeter
    mesh but according to Ron that adds 120 grms. Andy Howell seems to suggest that any condensation runs down to the ground due steep sidewalls. Being quite an oldster now weight
    is quite important ! Thourghts appreciated !

    • backpackbrewer says:

      Hi Charles, thanks for the comments!

      I have not used a Duomid but know other people who have. On the whole the comments on it are very positive. The duomid of course has a door unlike the trailstar so is more of a tent. The weight is very good whatever set up you use and if you intend winter use, a heavier set up is probably no bad thing. The steep walls should indeed aid condensation run off

  4. charles says:

    Thanks for that. Still like the Unna though ,but not the weight ! Do you still use yours ? Very
    different shelters of course,and massive weight saving with the Trailstar. I did look at the mini peak 2 from Bob and Rose at BPL.It’s a bit bigger than the Duomid , but much heavier. I think it’s
    going to be the Duomid when the bank balance looks more cheerful !

    • backpackbrewer says:

      Duomid is a very good option. Had a chance to look at Robin’s (of Blogpackinglight fame) duomid and its nice and stable, easy to pitch and light
      The Unna has now gone to fund the trailstar and other purchases 🙂

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