Barney conquers Skirrid Fawr!

What a splendid weekend weather-wise. The forecast was so good for the weekend that I planned to take Barney out for another mountain walk to get him in the swing of things. Barney has been growing at an exponential rate and coupled with the fact that he has at least an hours walking everyday means that he was ready for another challenge.


This time I choose to take Barney up Skirrid Fawr just outside of Abergavenny. For those that dont know it, Skirrid Fawr is a very distinctive hill (it isnt a mountain in terms of height but it does look impressive) with fabulous 360 views. Apart from the ease of access, proximity to Abergavenny and great views, it does also provide a varied but relatively short walk.

My daughter decided that she wanted to come so we set out on a very bright sunny Sunday morning. Parking up on the side of the road, we made our way first through a wooded slope and then up the steep rear of Skirrid Fawr. Without warning, we broke out onto the spine of Skirrid Fawr and walked along the top for a while. When we reached the “peak” (denoted by a trig point and two small stones) the views were absolutely splendid. Barney managed to pose for a few pictures.

After a few shared sandwiches, we made our way back. As there were no sheep we practised Barney off the lead with recall training. This went really well and Barney was a star. Mind you he will do anything for a biscuit! After that we made our way back down the  wooded slope and back to the car. When we got home, Barney had a bath and then a long sleep. The whole walk was only about 5 miles but was a marvellous outing for Barney (and us).

Next stop, a 10 miler I think….

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I am a keen hiker, camper, cyclist and general all round gear addict..... I also manage to be a professional brewer in my non-spare time :->
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6 Responses to Barney conquers Skirrid Fawr!

  1. ed says:

    Your daughter appears to be wearing jeans on the hill; disgraceful parenting!

  2. -maria- says:

    I’m catching up with blogs – Barney is a cutie!

    Regarding the jeans: all tricks can be used when trying to get the youngsters out for a walk, so don’t blame yourself because she’s wearing jeans (my husband occasionally does the same when I have seduced him out for a walk…)

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