Not a good day for a walk

Today saw me take the kids and Barney out for a short walk but it soon became apparent that the weather was not going to play ball. Instead we headed off to Brecon for a mooch around town. Food, a few little bits for the kids and a browse in several gear shops made for good day in the absence of a walk. Even though the rain didnt let up all day, it was fun to walk around Brecon and also to see Barney trot around. All the shops we went in (outdoor shops) were more than happy to let Barney in, even though he was obviously wet. A lovely change to the normal attitude of shops to dogs.

So, with a browse around the outdoor shops in Brecon, a chance to view a few hardshell jackets. My Montane Atomic is ok but beginning to show signs of wear so have been looking around for a replacement. I tried on quite a few jackets and the best of them for me was the Rab Bergen, the Montane Venture and the Marmot Precip. The Bergen is a really well put together jacket although the velcro is monstrously big and the hood a bit cumbersome. The Precip is an excellent jacket and a superb price, only the hood (non wired) lets it down. The Montane Venture is for me my preferred choice at the minute, a great hood and really well designed although the sizing is larger than other Montane jackets.

Well, I will rest on it as they say before picking out a jacket (Christmas present mind) and make do for a few more weeks. Tomorrow at least should be dry for most of the day. As a result, Barney, my daughter and I will probably have a quick bimble up Pen-y-Fan. Maybe just maybe an inversion may be in order

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I am a keen hiker, camper, cyclist and general all round gear addict..... I also manage to be a professional brewer in my non-spare time :->
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6 Responses to Not a good day for a walk

  1. Robin says:

    The hoods on Marmots are a let down. The Bergen looks a good jacket.

  2. mark says:

    Theres nothing better than a little hike on a cold day knowing your wrapped up as well as can be. Ive gone through loads of outdoor jackets over the years – everything from cheaper own branded outdoor stores which I have to say was a good jacket – right up to expensive North Face and Rab. Getting the right jacket is vital – especially at this time of year.

    • backpackbrewer says:

      Absolutely Mark, thats why for me a small selection of jackets is actually a good way forward! Heavy weight winter jacket, lightweight camping jacket and maybe something in between 🙂

      • mark says:

        In the past Ive been fortunate enough to be able to slip between jackets as the season changes but currently im down to thick or thin jackets – I currently have a North Face Nuptse Jackets and they really are fantastic

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