Well, thats the bike bought


Today was a mixture of gear browsing and gear buying, but for cycling not walking for a change. Off this morning with everyone packed in the car and down to Bristol to get a bike fitting and a bike chosen. After much time spent having all my angles measured and my cycling position filmed and replayed, the final announcement was made. I am a small frame. Small, I tell you!!!

Well this was a little bit of a surprise as my legs are short but my body is a medium. Still, all that meant was that I can have my bike in a week and not 4 weeks as the small is quicker to get hold of. Whoops, wait a minute, I havent said what bike……Giant Defy 3. I have done my usual research and found that Giant defy bikes have a superb Aluminium frame and a decent “starter” road bike alround. I cant wait to get hold of it and really start to build up my fitness as a compliment to my walking and my dieting.

Unfortunately I have to wait a week but hey ho, gives me time to sell my old bike and a few bits and bobs to offset the cost. Add my birthday money to that and it will not be far off. Having done all that, we then went to do child-swap for the weekend with friends. I donated my lad and received in turn their daughter. Swapsie sleep overs. After they have run me ragged tonight at least I will go to bed dreaming of a new shiney bike….


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14 Responses to Well, thats the bike bought

  1. ed says:

    Alu frame….tsk tsk

  2. Ian Barton says:

    Looks like a good bike. I think Giant use the same frame on all their Defy series, so when things wear out, you have the choice to upgrade components to a higher spec. if you want to. Make sure you grease you cables well. I was stuck in a high gear for most of the morning, because my rear mech cable was frozen into its sheath!

    • backpackbrewer says:

      thanks for the advice Ian.

      Fortunately/unfortunately my wife is a whizz on bikes and wont let me mistreat this one! 😀

  3. PhilR says:

    Very Nice, A friend of mine has just got a Defy 2.1 and he loves it. Enjoy the new bike.

  4. Ian Barton says:

    Just wondered if you were still happy with the bike after 8 months. My son wants to buy a Defy 2 and as luck would have it we both fit the same size bike. So, I may get the chance to ride it too:) We have had a good look at the bike in our LBS and it seems impressive. However, it’s always good to get the view of someone who has owned a similar model for a while.

    • backpackbrewer says:

      Hi Ian,

      in a word


      Its relatively cheap for the spec and the frame you get. Its not the “sexiest” looking bike but its not bad either (mine is black). I have the Defy 3 and I wish I had gone for the Defy 2 mainly because of the gearing

      Mine is a Sora groupset compact double 9 speed with 12-27 on the back cassette

      The Defy 2 is Tiagra groupset with a 10 speed and 11-28 on the back cassette

      In my opinion both bikes are excellent value for money and ride really well but I would go for the upgrade ie the Defy 2

      I have now ridden 2100miles and climbed 140,000ft on my bike since January and I am very pleased with the ride. When I do eventually get an “upgrade” bike I will still keep the Defy as my winter bike

      Hope that helps

      • Ian Barton says:

        Thanks that was very helpful. My son is seriously into rowing. He trains several times a week in the gym and on the water. He has outgrown his old bike and would like to get a new decent one he can use for training. I haven’t bought a new road bike for about 20 years, so don’t mind spend a decent amount of money on a bike for him if I can use it when he is not on it.

        I am pretty sure that we will get the bike, all I need to do now is to work out where to find the cash to pay for it!

        • backpackbrewer says:


          2 things to recommend then…

          1. get the bike from a shop and try and ensure they do at least a basic bike fit when buying it. You might get a slightly better deal online but it pays in the long run to get from a good shop if possible.

          2. look for shops that do the interest free option….it really helps! 🙂

          • Ian Barton says:

            Good advice. Our local LBS have already spent some time fitting him to a bike. The shop is staffed and owned by bike enthusiasts who use the products they sell. I’ll definitely be buying from them. In any case Giant seem to have their distribution chain tightly sewn up and almost everyone is selling it at the same price.

          • backpackbrewer says:

            agreed re the pricing being similar everywhere for Giant bikes and in any case they are pretty competitvely priced in my mind for what you get anyway! 🙂

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