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Sleep Apnoea – the hidden menace

Hands up those who snore? Dont know? Unless your other half tells you you might not realise. So whats the problem if you do, apart from the obvious disturbance to others? Sleep Apnoea. This condition is the result of either … Continue reading

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Bananas – a walking super food

Ok, this is not new news but I have found that since I have been eating bananas on a more regular basis, my walking and cycling performance appears to have improved. This manifests not only in better, more sustained energy … Continue reading

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Travelling to a walk – bargains are there to be had

I did muse and mooch over the price of getting to and from a walk thats not on your doorstep last year. Trains came out the worst in terms of cost effectiveness but then a quick look over the weekend … Continue reading

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Cor blimey its a bit chilly…

So the walking has definitely taken a back seat to the cycling at the moment. I managed to get out for another 30 mile ride today but have to admit that the weather was definitely on the cusp of being … Continue reading

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A few miles more…

Well, straight on the back of the 67 mile ride, I managed another 33 miles and over 2000feet of climbing to take my tally to 100 miles and 6000feet of climbing for the weekend. On top of that I am … Continue reading

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Cycling for pleasure and pain…..

Another day, another ride. This time we did 67 miles and 4000 feet of climbing. A long loop around the Wye Valley, Monmouth and the Usk Valley made for cycling pleasure. Fun she says. I tend to agree although my … Continue reading

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Nom Nom Nom…..cycling can be tasty

No, I didnt fall off the diet. No I didnt fall off the bike. This was my half way reward for a fabulous cycle ride. All in all I did 61 miles in 4 hours (plus lunch stop 🙂 ) … Continue reading

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