Cor blimey its a bit chilly…

So the walking has definitely taken a back seat to the cycling at the moment. I managed to get out for another 30 mile ride today but have to admit that the weather was definitely on the cusp of being too cold to be out in. By the time I had finished the ride, my fingers and toes were numb with the cold. Mind you it never got above 2 degrees C and there was a stiff wind to contend with. I knew I was in for a tough ride when it started to briefly snow. Still it was invigorating!

On another tack, I am hoping that all the cycling will help me when I do manage to get out for a decent walk in the hills. It certainly seems to have helped in reverse as my cycling appears to have benefitted from the amount of walking I do. Time will tell.

Its March next week and so I am looking forward to the spring arriving. Light nights, long days and slightly warmer weather should equal more cycling, walking and camping. And then there is Barney of course. He still hasnt been out camping with me and I reckon the time is fast approaching when I reckon he will be up for it.

As long as its a bit warmer…!


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6 Responses to Cor blimey its a bit chilly…

  1. Richie says:

    You are certainly getting the miles under your belt notwithstanding the extreme cold. I doff my cap to you!
    I spent the weekend camping and walking the Mendips and we had temps as low as -4 and I guess -6/7 with windchill. Some lovely walks though and nice country pubs to relax in after a days walking.

    • backpackbrewer says:

      I have been doing an average of around 60 miles a week for the last 5 weeks and aim to do at least one ride a week minimum.
      The theory being that if I do that kind of mileage through the winter I am more inclined to keep it up into the spring and summer
      Not been for much walking or camping in the Mendips, must have a look sometime

  2. PhilR says:

    You’re not wrong that was cold at the weekend, I also went out on the bike for a couple of rides one in the Chilterns on Sunday and up on the higher ground it was bitterly cold. Bring on those lighter nights!! Agree I find cycling and walking a great mix and since I have been cycling more seriously I have noticed an improvement in the fitness. Are you doing any Sportives during the year?

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