Homemade Rice Cakes – perfect for cycling or walking

Quite recently I have been upping the cycling (at the expense of walking it has to be said) and with extra miles and higher climbs, I found that I needed good nutrition on the move. Normally I have been using energy drinks, cereal bars and dried fruit to fuel my rides but my wife recently discovered a very nice alternative. Well certainly a good alternative to the cereal bars in the form of homemade rice cakes. Now I am not allergic to gluten but for those that are, rice cakes, could be a good answer for long rides and long walks. My wife found the recipe recently for which Allen Lim of Team Garmin was certainly the original inspiration.

The rice cakes are simple and easy to make. Having used them a few times I can definitely attest to their ease of eating and digestion, as well as being a good energy source for outdoor activities. Apparently the eggs in the rice cakes is “good” protein (presumably for ease of digestion) and the rice is also easy to digest and gluten free

The recipe is as follows:


2-3 fresh eggs
1 cup of dry sushi rice (sushi rice sticks together better than ordinary rice in the finished cakes)
three slices cooked ham (we go for the good stuff – ie off the bone not formed)
grated parmesan cheese to taste (not required but it does add a savoury taste)
2 tbs soy sauce
salt/pepper to taste


Scramble and cook eggs in frypan, breaking them up thoroughly into small pieces. Set aside. Steam or cook rice according to directions. Cut the ham (some people use bacon) into small pieces and fold into rice along with eggs. Add soy sauce and parmesan to taste. Transfer to a shallow baking pan and, using a spatula, firmly press down on mixture. Let cool, cut into bars sized to slip into a jersey pocket and wrap in foil. Refrigerate. Start with smaller batches like this until you know how many cakes you can eat in a few days of riding. Treat them as fresh food and store for a few days in the fridge or freeze for later.

For cycling ease of eating, the square cakes are wrapped individually into foil that can be plced in the pocket of a riding jersey. For walkers I would still recommend individually wrapping the square cakes for ease of eating and be warned they are moist and sticky so store them carefully!

I have to say that they are very tasty indeed and will be using them for cycling and walking from now on. In fact, at a push, these could be made whilst camping, even wildcamping, but obviously better if premade back at the ranch first.

Enjoy 🙂

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I am a keen hiker, camper, cyclist and general all round gear addict..... I also manage to be a professional brewer in my non-spare time :->
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3 Responses to Homemade Rice Cakes – perfect for cycling or walking

  1. ed says:

    We cycled around Hokkaido for 6 weeks subsisting on rice cakes (a bit different to those you suggest); most tasty. Apart from the one’s with salty egg things in….ewwww

    The other mainstay was Tendon – as we could say the word; tempura vegetables and meat on a bed of sticky rice. Oh yes. And sashimi from supermarkets.

    Sea slugs. Just say no.

    Vending machines selling cold Asahi beer; just say yes.

    • backpackbrewer says:

      salty egg things? erm…….no

      Sea slugs…….no

      Asahi beer……yum yes

      Just finished making some more and also some oatcakes too 🙂

  2. Great recipe. These turned out great. Thanks for sharing.


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