Montane and Mountain Leisure Perth customer service….brilliant!

I have a Montane Krypton jacket I bought last year and have worn quite a bit of over the winter. Its a great lightweight multi-purpose jacket and I’ll do a proper review of it sometime soon. Recently however, I noticed that although I looked after the jacket, the stitching on one of the velcro fastening on one of the cuffs was coming away badly. Now I am a big fan of Montane kit and have had several jackets from them and not experienced this type of thing before.

I contacted Montane and Mountain Leisure Perth (where I bought the jacket) and explained what had happened. Both sets of customer service were very supportive and helpful and within the blink of an eye, it had been agreed that the jacket would be returned for inspection and hopefully a repair.

A week went by and then out of the blue 2 days ago, I came home from work to find a parcel waiting for me. The Krypton jacket inside clearly hadnt been repaired. It was a brand new jacket with tags and wrapper intact!!! Even though I was perfectly prepared to accept a repair (the jacket was worn for 6 months after all), both Montane and Mountain Leisure Perth went beyond my expectations and just replaced it!

I really wanted to say a big thank you to Montane and MLP for this outstanding example of customer service


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4 Responses to Montane and Mountain Leisure Perth customer service….brilliant!

  1. That’s good Dave. Generally I have found outdoor retailers to be very good on customer service and returns.

  2. northernwalker says:

    Good to hear. I had a Montane soft shell bought from Ultralight Outdoor Gear and the stitching came undone ot the shoulder after four months. I contacted UOG who would have replaced the jacket but sadly it had been discontinued. Full refund instead. Shame really, as I really liked that top.

    • backpackbrewer says:

      At least you got a refund. Thats normally harder to achieve than a replacement. Looks like UOG can be added to the list of good retailers dealing with Montane gear.

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