1000 miles and counting

Last week saw me complete 1000 miles of cycling for the year to date. I am feeling both pleased and surprised. Pleased that I have managed to do 1000 miles and also improve my fitness at the same time. Surprised because I really didnt think I would keep at it for so long. I’d like to thank my wife for supporting and advising me on all things cycling. Without her I wouldnt have done so many miles or probably kept at it. She is a real cycling officiado and has helped me massively!

I have a few big cycle routes coming up including my first 100 miler and also the fast approaching France trip. I have altered my aspirations for the year to now include my greater cycling goals. These are basically, keep doing at least one bike ride a week (over 20miles) and average 200 miles a month. Thats it. Fairly simple

I have another ride tomorrow with the wife which we are attempting to do before the forecast rain hits us. Last time we got caught in the rain it was fairly tough! We really dont want a repeat of that so we are not doing the mountains and we are going early! 😀

The only downside….less walking

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I am a keen hiker, camper, cyclist and general all round gear addict..... I also manage to be a professional brewer in my non-spare time :->
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10 Responses to 1000 miles and counting

  1. Richie says:

    Well done you!
    I admire your achievements and commitment so far.
    I’m finding that I have too many past-times to fit in enough of each. I had a wonderful 10 days walking the lakes and Snowdonia recently and had planned to really ramp up the cycling when I returned. However, the pesky tick bites I brought back gave me Lymes disease which resulted in Meningitis and a stay in the wonderful Royal Gwent and I’m still not recovered fully yet.
    I hate to see lovely weather go un-used but the plus side is I’ve spent more gentle days out with the family.
    Beware those pesky ticks!

    • backpackbrewer says:

      blimey Richies, thats really bad news but at least you are on the mend. I hope you continue to get better and manage to get out cycling, walking and camping again soon.
      Small crumb of comfort but at least you had a good 10days up until the tick bites!
      All the best with the recovery. Staying in the Royal Gwent is not fair on anyone! 🙂

  2. Robin says:

    I’m not going walking with you, you’re too fit 😉

  3. Ian Barton says:

    Well done and keep it up! One of the things I like about cycling is that it requires almost no preparation. You just jump on the bike and set off from home for an hour or so. Much easier to fit in with a busy family schedule then a couple of days backpacking.

    • backpackbrewer says:

      this is very true and probably one of the reasons why I am doing so many cycling miles. I can fit them in around other stuff and no overnight considerations.

      Still want to do some walking and camping though!

  4. PhilR says:

    Well Done! Keep it up. Agree with what has already been said with the cycling being much easier to fit in and around family and life etc, so like you my walking activities have slowed recently yet the cycling has gone through the roof.

    • backpackbrewer says:

      its just happened that way. I didnt really plan it but the cycling has taken off in a big way and really enjoying it. Walking is very much the family stuff with the dog at the minute and camping relegated a bit further down again!

  5. I’ve been cycling to work every day since October and it’s very addictive! Admittedly, it’s no distance at all, just 6 miles a day. But at the end of a 4-day week that’s 24 miles when I would have otherwise been in the car!

    Keep it up……..

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