A week in review…hot from Backpackbrewer HQ

Well that was an eventful week…

Last weekend saw me complete my longest ride to date and the training for France has no let up. I am averaging over 100 miles a week at present and trying to include as many climbs as possible. The Black Mountains of Southern France will be quite a challenge and I dont want to fall short of the mark

Monday saw me up in Hereford with a project that is gathering pace. The cider boys of Bulmers are hard at work making lots of lovely cider for us all to drink in the good weather

Tuesday saw me completing an evening ride this time, being able to sneak in a couple of hours training to take advantage of the lovely evenings

Wednesday was all about seeing Steve Martin for some dental work. Ok his real name is Andy but he did make me nearly cause me to jump out of my seat when he found one of my teeth was rather sensitive

Thursday was a longgggg day bombing up to North Yorkshire for the day for another up and coming project. The beer boys of Tadcaster are equally busy making lots of brilliant beer for the summer

Today was about yet another bike ride (there appears to be a theme here) and obviously a day off to boot. Managed to ride 60miles and a lot of climbing in and around the Wye Valley. Hurricane Harry and Monsoon Mary paid me a visit bordering on abuse. I was soaking wet and had to ride for the last 30miles into the teeth of a 25-30mph wind which really wasnt cricket. I still managed to enjoy it though……I must be a masochist!

Oh and a little birdy tells me that Sean over at Oook towers (aka Oookworks) has managed to make some stock of Oook tubs and tarps. I have had a look at these and they appear very well made and represent good value for money. The really good news is that you can go and buy them instantly for your immediate gratification!

Head on over and take a look. Sean has been knuckling down with creating these lovelies and not many people realise how hard he has been working to keep his business producing such fine products. Worth a punt I say.

As so to the weekend and week ahead….

Edinburgh most of the week for meetings and projects (no time to play though) and a rather special event on Friday. It national cycling week next week and in particular its National Cycle to Work Day on Friday. I have decided to do the 100 mile round trip commute from Magor, South Wales to Ledbury, Herefordshire for 2 reasons…

A) I’m slightly mad
B) I will accept any donations through Just Giving for St Oswalds Hospice Care in memory of a friends long term partner who passed away recently and was cared for by them

Ok, so thats about it for now. I just hope it isnt piddling it down next Friday. I have already done the drowned rat look today and it doesnt suit me……


About Saddlebags and Backpacks - a brewer's outdoor adventures

I am a keen hiker, camper, cyclist and general all round gear addict..... I also manage to be a professional brewer in my non-spare time :->
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