Montrail Fairhaven trailshoes – a quick review

montrail fairhaven

I have been looking and looking for a replacement for my Montrail CTC trailshoes which gave up the ghost at the start of the year. Countless pairs tried on, various shops visited and no luck. I was beginning to lose faith when I spied a new shoe from Montrail called the Fairhaven. The blurb reckons they are a running/trailshoe hybrid (arent they all?). Interestingly the claimed weight of the shoes was 310g each (lighter again than my CTCs which were pretty light to my mind anyway). I reasoned I had nothing to lose as I had been reduced to wearing some Keen abominations which were ok for dog walking but not for uneven ground (for me anyway) and general purpose trailwalking.

Well I have to say that I wasnt impressed to begin with. They looked a bit chunky on the sole and felt a bit flimsy but I perservered with them for a few months back in the spring. I guess a combination of lightness, flexibility and “bedding in” have dispelled all my early misgivings. I have found that now they are superbly grippy, very comfortable and responsive. I have used them a reasonable amount this year and so far they have held up well in terms of wear and tear too. I can state that they have really impressed me and I can see me wearing them until the fall apart (which hopefully wont be for a while).

Whilst they wont win any fashion awards and might get a snigger or two if worn to the pub, I can honestly say they have now replaced my old CTCs in terms of my number 1 walking shoe.

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