Barney does Twmbarlwm

Barney does Twmbarlwm

A lovely day beckoned over the weekend so we decided to take Barney out to a local forested area called Cwmcarn. Apart from lots of walks, an MTB course and a great little cafe/visitors shop, there is also the chance for a short but steep walk up Twmbarlwm. Barney has grown in confdence and stature over the past year and so a chance to zoom up a very big hill wasnt to be sniffed at by him. He was in his element as he sprinted up and left the humans in his wake.

Running up that hill!

Once on the top the views to be had are quite splendid even though the hill is only a stones throw from Newport. The Brecon Beacons to the North, the Severn Estuary to the south and hills and forestry all around.

Is it this way dad?

Barney was happy zig zagging around in ever tighter circles, chasing me and Ella around until we were all dizzy. The whipping wind played havoc with Barneys hair although I suspect he liked it and managed to pose, popstar style for the camera.

Hairdrier moment

Soon after we headed back with Barney attempting to run down the hill, his legs a blur. He really loves getting out and about and the hills are his playground for sure. I only hope I can squeeze in a quick wildcamp locally with Barney and Ella before the autumn really begins. It will be Barney’s next big adventure!

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4 Responses to Barney does Twmbarlwm

  1. Mrs B says:

    oh! my! goodness!!! Just how cute is Barney!!!??? totally loving the picture with the wind blowing right into his cute little face ^_^
    2 weeks to go until the twins move in. Seeing Barney’s pics is getting me well excited about having my house trashed in seconds, ha!

    • backpackbrewer says:

      well, I have to be honest, Barney has never trashed anything since day one. He doesnt chew furniture and he’s completely trustworthy in the house.

      2 new dogs might be more of challenge, depending on what breed they are!

      • MrsBoardwell says:

        Collies. Maisie had a penchant for the back of black heels but my sisters in law have already been briefed up so we shouldn’t lose too many this time round πŸ˜‰ Not holding up much hope for my garden plants though πŸ˜‰

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