Halo Protex Bandana – versatile headwear for walking and cycling


Ok, so time for a quick review of a new bit of kit I picked up from the Cycle show the other week: The Halo Protex Bandana http://store.haloheadband.com/athletic-bandana-p/pb.htm

Believe it or not I have spent AGES looking for a hat/head-covering that will serve me well for both cycling (especially) and walking. Being….ahem…..follicularly challenged (bald to you and me), I always find it tough to find outdoor hats that fit well. I have lost count of the number of head coverings I have tried and found wanting.

So what’s different about this? Well its a bandana so it allows me to cover my head (and ears) perfectly by tying the flaps of the bandana for a great fit. Yes, I know this is hardly new, but this bandana has a secret weapon. Apart from the 4 way stretch mesh material for fit and decent venting, it has a rubber brow band that diverts sweat and rain away from the eyes. And after todays ride I can confirm it really works!


Its made in the US but there are one or two UK sellers and its not exactly expensive (although some might argue just under £20 for a bandana is a bit steep but not me). I also found it fitted perfectly under the cycling helmet and kept my head and ears warms in atrocious conditions today. There are regular hats produced by the same company as well as pure head-bands. I hadnt come across the company or these products before but the brow band really blew me away with its simplicity and its also comfy to boot

Really useful bit of kit. In fact its my favourite bit of kit right now 🙂


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I am a keen hiker, camper, cyclist and general all round gear addict..... I also manage to be a professional brewer in my non-spare time :->
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4 Responses to Halo Protex Bandana – versatile headwear for walking and cycling

  1. Robin says:

    Another useful bit of gear. The only disadvantage is that you look like the guitarist in U2, but without the money (or musical talent).

  2. Looks useful – off to check out where to get one 🙂

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