18 months of progress – here comes the lipid clinic

I have been on a healthy eating and exercise regime for 18 months now. In that time I have lost 3 stones and certainly seen my fitness improve. Done partly for the obvious reasons I also started down this route because last year I was told my cholesterol was high and also high in the “bad cholesterol” bracket. Tomorrow is my blood test and then Monday is my visit to the lipid clinic to review the results. My GP and I discussed me going onto statins but I didnt want to for various reasons. The lipid clinic is a chance to really delve into my cholestrol and whether I am making progress (or not) and also what risks I run if I do nothing other than the diet and exercise.

Looking forward to it in a strange kind of way

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6 Responses to 18 months of progress – here comes the lipid clinic

  1. Matt C says:

    Good luck – I hope the results are both interesting and positive… 🙂

  2. Ian Barton says:

    I would be interested in real data of the dangers of high cholesterol in people who are otherwise fit and healthy. My “bad” cholesterol is higher than it should be. However, my”good”cholesterol is also high. I am slightly underweight for my height and don’t eat huge quantities of food loaded with cholesterol. I am pretty fit for my age. Certainly much fitter than the morbidly obese person who was giving me advice on how to cut my cholesterol level.

    • backpackbrewer says:

      lol, talk about the pot calling the kettle black! I always struggle to take health professionals seriously when alot of them are overweight themselves!!!

      Agree re the cholesterol thing in an otherwise fit person. Its all about maths apparently. The older you are and the more “factors” there are about your health, the higher %probability of a health issue such as a heart attack……etc etc

      It can be misleading but I understand the rationale behind it. I think that if I can maintain my fitness and weight and eating habits as they are now, I will “live” with a slightly higher “chance” of a heart attack

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