France in the summer

I’ve been meaning to post a few more of our French summer holiday pictures. The trip involved a lot of cycling as well as just soaking up the French atmosphere which it has to be said was pretty laid back! The weather as you can tell by the photos was pretty spectacular and every day you woke up with the secure knowledge it would be sunny 🙂

The Lake

The Lake

A super little lake near to the house we stayed in


Carcassonne is a super place to visit and one I can thoroughly recommend with the city being dominated by the castle on the hill



Minerve is a small Cathar town that is steeped in history and set in a beautiful valley

Roman Vaults

Roman Vaults

A bit of culture and Narbonne reveals its subterranean Roman past

The Black Mountains

The Black Mountains

Another set of Black Mountains but these are definitely French!

Tour de France

Tour de France

Montpelier and the end of a Tour de France stage. The sharp eyed amongst you might recognise Mark Cavendish at the front

me up in the hills

me up in the hills

Cycling in the Black Mountains

Pic de Nore

Pic de Nore

Lastly looking from the top of Pic de Nore towards the Pyrenees in the distance. Which leads me on to next years trip to France when we will stay right up in the Pyrenees.

Cant wait….


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10 Responses to France in the summer

  1. PhilR says:

    Looks very nice, we’ve not really spent much time in France but it really is starting to appeal more and more.

    • backpackbrewer says:

      cant recommend it enough especially the South…..beautiful and more walking and cycling opportunities than you can shake a stick at 🙂

  2. The Dork of Cork says:

    Yeah back from a long walking holiday in the Pyrenees again……….late Sep & all of October……very little snow but the Mistral puts a different complexion on the Cather country (walking the GR 7 & 36 in that section)
    In the past it was best to switch to Spain for a bit more life in the villages but that is gone now…..I can recommend the GR 15 near Refuge Armenia starting in the Valle de Chistau – its much like the French Ariege for isolation …just replace those endless Beech trees of the Ariege for the endless Scots pine forest of Spanish Pyrenees backcountry…..a strange landcape…..where I met zero walkers for a week or so…just mushroom pickers and hunters mostly.

    But walking in French Cathar country at night when the Mistral is blowing is really REALLY spooky …the woods make strange noises…….
    Its really is like the film “The Ninth gate”

    • backpackbrewer says:

      thanks for the info. We are heading for the Campan area to base ourselves and then alternate walking and cycling in the Midi Pyrenees.

      We are going in August so its factor 50 time!

  3. The Dork of Cork says:

    Great , don’t know that region of the Pyrenees too well but walked through the Néouvielle reserve on the GR 10 many moons ago (after watching the blood sport that is cycling as amateurs try to kill themselves on the Col du Tourmalet …….)
    But for me the French Pyrenees is the Ariege …..its not as pretty but has got that trekking something about it – especially around the Biros valley where you can do the GR10 or Verons more obscure high level routes……I just keep coming back to that place.

    • backpackbrewer says:

      we might not attempt Tourmalet but we will be attempting some of the other cols in that immediate area….whilst NOT trying to kill ourselves 🙂

  4. We’ll have to wait until I’m not stuck to school holidays before returning to the south/Pyrenees etc again – unfortunately It’s a bit hot in August for the doggies!

  5. Robin says:

    The French don’t know how lucky they are!

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