End of summer update

So the last day of summer is here. Tie has really flown by since my last entry and we’ve managed to pack in a lot of stuff in the intervening time. Work continues to throw twists and turns at me. Reorganisations, more work, same money, same old same old đŸ™‚ Saffron the pup has grown up somewhat and turned into a very springy 8 month old that refuses to listen unless it suits her and mercilessly teases Barney until he plays with her. We’ve spent a lot of time walking with the dogs but again a lack of camping is still evident. When Saffron is older I’ll take her and Barney out for a night in the Black Mountains but will probably wait until next year for this now. I would have liked to have done it this year but just havent been able to. At least the addition of another dog to the family has given us real impetus to do more walking in and around the area so I’m thankful for that. My daughter and son have done well in their exams from this year too with my eldest well on track for his final A levels next year and my youngest doing well in her ‘early’ GCSEs. Very pleased and very relived so just hoping for them both to do well again next year before their next challenges on the road to growing up and finding their way in the world.

Just as an aside I read a blog entry from Robin over at blogpackinglight about the potential death of blogging. I agree that to some extent blogging is less apparent (to me anyway) than the heyday of 5 to 10 years ago and probably for a good number of reasons. I myself dont write half as much as I used to which is down to time and inclination mostly. However, I do still see the value of blogging and look at it, if nothing else, as a permanent reminder or diary of what I’ve done (even if the past couple of years have been pretty threadbare). So on that note I will sign off again until the next entry and just to say I will still write when I feel like it rather than because I feel I ‘must’ if you see what I mean.




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I am a keen hiker, camper, cyclist and general all round gear addict..... I also manage to be a professional brewer in my non-spare time :->
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