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Homemade Rice Cakes – perfect for cycling or walking

Quite recently I have been upping the cycling (at the expense of walking it has to be said) and with extra miles and higher climbs, I found that I needed good nutrition on the move. Normally I have been using … Continue reading

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Bananas – a walking super food

Ok, this is not new news but I have found that since I have been eating bananas on a more regular basis, my walking and cycling performance appears to have improved. This manifests not only in better, more sustained energy … Continue reading

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Coffee whilst camping – how do you do yours?

I am sure this has been done to death elsewhere but I felt its one of those little yet crucial ingredients for a great camping trip – how to do good coffee? If you are like me and live for … Continue reading

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Food for thought…

Time for a quick look at hill food. My normal fare for overnight and weekend trips usually consists of a combination of cereal bars, dehydrated pasta or rice, biscuits and coffee. Ok, not exactly exciting but I’m with Einstein on … Continue reading

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