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A little of something different

This weekend saw a respite from the rain and storms that had lashed the country in the previous week. I took the opportunity to get out and about knowing that it wasnt likely to last. Since my daughter insisted upon … Continue reading

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The impromptu wildcamp weekend

Try saying that after a few sherbets! Before I start, I have had enormous trouble trying to get my pc to upload all the pictures. All updated now but I think the laptop is on its way out and the CPU is leaning … Continue reading

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Sometimes, just sometimes, no plan is the best plan of all….

      So, a quick update on my quick getaway. The weather was superb and with a bit of last minute preparations I managed to get out for the weekend to walk and camp high up in the Black Mountains. … Continue reading

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Cracked it! An update to the North Wales trip

I finally had to resort to using another computer to load some more of the photographs from my recent North Wales trip. I have updated the original post and hopefully the extra photos will give an even better sense of … Continue reading

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Sugar Loaf Mountain whiteout I have managed to work out that I cant upload videos directly but can upload You-Tube videos….unless I am doing something wrong (this is a free WordPress account btw not upgraded) Anyway, video footage of me on my walk … Continue reading

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Sugar Loaf Winter Walk

The recent spate of good* winter weather (good* meaning some decent snow falls) had me salivating at the prospect of getting out and doing some serious walking. Squeaky brakes and a dodgy battery meant that I had to take the … Continue reading

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