Still here…..just not blogging much

Well its been a while but I am still around. The normal stuff has prevented me from blogging recently….work, illness and lack of oompf and being maniacally busy generally! Managing to get out for rides and the occaisional walk but not much camping going on. I might manage a camp later in the year but for now its on hold. Holiday to the French Pyrenees is looming close now so I may be able to post something walking related soonish! Thats about it for now……

Hike your own hike and ride your own ride :)


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Managed a walk at last….and a few quick pictures

Sunset in the Beacons

Well my recent illness has left me bereft of cycling and walking opportunities but I did manage to get out finally the other day. A yomp up Sir Bannau Brecheiniog in the NW Brecon Beacons was within my capbilities (in the process of getting abck to full fitness).

Up high on Bannau Brecheiniog

The weather was excellent and felt very springlike even when topping out at around 800m. Hopefully I will manage to get a few more walks like this under my belt soon. It felt good to feel the miles under my feet and to climb up to the top of a decent sized mountain at last.

Llyn y Fan Fach

Next step will be a camp I hope, to go with the walk.

Oh and by the way I managed to get my photo “published” online on the BBC website so quite happy with that too! :) (image 5)

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Slow Progress and a missed Audax ride

Recovery from the nose op is slow, complicated by an infection leading to sinusitis. Not been able to get out of the house much and certainly not been able to ride for a while. In fact I missed the first big Audax of the Year that I had targetted to try and complete in 2014. This was the Gospel Pass 100mile Audax starting and finishing in Chepstow just down the road from me. Weather conditions today were dry and windy but after the recent downpours not a bad result for those that did take part. Not sure when I will get back on the bike proper but a wee while yet. When I do I need to build the fitness up before I attempt anything big ride-wise otherwise it will be the pain cave for me. In all likelihood my next big ride will be April if fit. Until then, its slow progress

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Post op update

The nose op went ok on Friday but now suffering from continual nose bleeds and snot. To be expected really but at least the pain is manageable. The worst thing is that I am starting to get a throat infection so could be a bumpy ride this week. The very worst thing is that I am on an enforced sabbatical from the bike :(

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The nose operation cometh

Well thats me sorted out with a quick fire trip to the surgeon on Friday. My lovely broken nose is being fixed after 12 years of breathing problems on the one side that have been getting steadily worse with age. Not looking forward to the procedure but as long as it cures the issues then thats fine. 2 days notice is a bit quick but better getting it done now than in the summer. Of course it means a couple of weeks off the bike so thats the downside but with the weather like it is I hardly think it’ll make much difference!


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Hard winter ride up the Tumble!

Keeper's Pond

It was wet, windy and misty but all in all a very nice ride up one of the hardest cycle climbs in South Wales today. When I say misty, I mean very misty!

The top of the Tumble in the mist

30 miles cycled with 2300feet of climb including the Tumble Mountain itself (450metres high). I even managed to try try out my new saddle…pure luxury. Apparently I have wide sit bones hence the saddle choice. Some unkind folk might say I have a big bum :)

New saddle

A great ride but awful weather….must be mad :D

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Back from America…..and tired, tired, tired.

So the great US business trip has now concluded and I am back in the UK. Having set off at 3pm on Tuesday I got back home at 4pm on Saturday having driven 500miles and flown 7500miles. I didnt get much time to actually much sightseeing as it was pretty full on business meetings and product testing from start to finish. Add into that a cancelled flight at Washington and my time was not my own. Having said that the trip was a good one with a successful outcome and we just about managed to get a few hours in a real American bar although the food portions were smaller than I was expecting :) Getting sleep on the longhaul flights was impossible and added into that the long work hours and the time zone moves I can honestly say I was zombified by the time I got home. In fact I fell asleep sitting up last night :D

Still, its not something I get to do everyday and would love to do it again


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